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110MB Hosting Reviews

Please note that 110MB Hosting has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of 110MB Hosting below, or check out the rest of the Web Hosting Services we've reviewed.

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110MB Hosting Review

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True to their word and their name, 110MBHosting.com offer 110 MB of free hosting space with no ads and no compulsion to upgrade.  Unfortunately, 110 MB is not quite as impressive as it used to be.  Just think: high definition photographs may be several megabytes each, making high graphics sites almost impossible with this amount of disc space.  110MBHosting's selling point is that they offer free hosting, but with more and more companies offering even more competitive free hosting plans, they have done nothing to stay on top of the competition.

Free Hosting

The good news is that 110MB's free hosting is just what it says: free.  And unlike some sites, they do support unique domain names and offer a basic website design tool.  However, beyond this, there is little to recommend this hosting package.  If you have their free plan, 110MBHosting will add a footer to the bottom of your site advertising themselves - although this is not on a level with the advertisements some hosts will force upon you, it still does not look particularly professional.  If you happen to have any problems with your hosting, the only support available to you is via the site's support forums, which is fine for minor difficulties but will not help you with more unusual or complicated questions.  And on top of this, they allow no MySQL databases, no PHP sendmail facility, and very limited script installs.  Ultimately, 110MB's free account gives very little flexibility when it comes to designing and managing websites, even when compared with other free plans.

Premium Hosting

When you consider the limitations of 110MB's free hosting, an upgrade to their premium plan seems very desirable.  Once you have done this, flexibility and functionality will be dramatically improved.  Unlimited disc space and bandwidth, as well as one-click install for a reasonable number of scripts should mean you can soon have an impressive site operating, if you have the technical knowledge.  But unfortunately, beyond this there really is not very much.  Many hosting plans in this price range offer an array of marketing tools, more in-depth visitor statistics or even greater numbers of installable scripts.  Conversely, if 110MBHosting offers all the features you require, why not look for them elsewhere, where you may be able to find them for half the cost?  But perhaps the worst part of 110MBHosting's offering is their support, which has no telephone support option and has a very limited online area.

110MBHosting fails to impress on many levels.  Their free package is by no means the best in the business, and their premium plan simply does not offer good value for money.  Although a free site with no ads may be an attractive idea, there are other options out there, and you should go for the web host that will provide you with all the support, reliability and flexibility you are likely to need.

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Please note that 110MB Hosting has now been discontinued.

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