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IX Web Hosting Review

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IX Web Hosting hosts over half a million websites, and with their great value for money and first-rate support it is easy to see why.  Although this may not seem like the most easily navigated and instantly user-friendly site, it offers a small number of hosting plans with some of the best specifications out there.  Great for personal sites and small businesses alike, IXWebHosting.com is becoming a formidable name in web hosting.

Shared Hosting

When it comes to shared hosting, choice is usually a good thing.  However, at XI Web Hosting, you will not have many difficult decisions to make.  There are only three plans available, and even the most basic is packed with features and functionality.  It may seem strange to name their cheapest package their 'Expert Plan', but in reality it offers nearly everything their others do.  Yes, it lacks some of the script support that the better versions provide, is more limited in terms of databases and does not have quite the same mailbox capacity.  However, its basic specifications are the same, making it really fantastic value for money and perfectly adequate for the majority of small website owners.  Unlimited bandwidth and storage mean you really can upload as much as you like to your site and have as many visitors as possible.  Having up to three free domain registrations on a shared hosting plan is also a nice touch, and could save you a few dollars a year - great if you are a small business and want to attract more customers by having a couple of extra domain names.

So what is missing here?  Although there is a site builder, this is not as advanced as some of the other design tools out there.  If you have little or no experience building websites and want to produce something that looks professional and attractive, you may want to look elsewhere - though, of course, this will come at a cost.  Other than this, it is hard to fault IX's shared hosting, other than to say that there is nothing out of the ordinary or particularly unique here.

Virtual Private Servers

IX's VPS plans are a little more expensive than some of their rivals, but the great service really makes it worthwhile.  If your business is relying on your hosting, there are two important factors to consider: how often things are likely to go wrong, and how quickly problems can be solved when they do occur.  IX specializes in providing high quality support alongside first-rate reliability and uptime, covering both these bases and giving you and your business the peace of mind you need.  In terms of their specifications, IX Web Hosting offers three VPS packages, each with either Linux or Windows operating system.  This is not a particularly broad range, but it covers most needs and the full root access and other features give many of the benefits of a dedicated server without the higher cost.


We cannot stress this enough, but when you choose a web host one of the first things to consider is the strength of its technical support.  IXWebHosting.com ticks all the right boxes.  Its online help center offers informative video tutorials on a whole range of topics you are likely to want help with, and there is a ticket center so you can send off any queries you have at any hour and receive a prompt response.  On top of this, they have direct phone and live chat support, and their staff have a great record of helpfulness and politeness.  If you have experience with other web hosting companies, you will probably know that this is by means common and really helps to make up for any flaws elsewhere in the service.

IX Web Hosting could still make a few improvements, particularly when it comes to increasing the range of their VPS packages and doing more to show off their products.  However, they really do offer great hosting plans at very good value for money.  If you can do without some of the fancy features and design tools that their rivals may be offering, IX could certainly be a good route to go down.

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