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FatCow Review

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FatCow.com is the sister site of iPage, and so is almost identical in terms of its features.  There are a few differences, but nothing to justify one above the other in particular.  What is different is the cost.  Even at its discounted rate, FatCow is considerably more expensive than its sister.  And with nothing to explain the difference, there is no reason to buy its shared hosting instead of that from iPage.

Like iPage, FatCow offers unlimited bandwidth and disc space, meaning you can grow your site as you need to.  Unlimited MySQL databases and support for all the major scripts will mean you can develop your site in your own way, and with Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal and more installed at just a click, you will not need to be an expert to develop an attractive site.  FatCow also offers good email  features, including unlimited accounts, and the top performance record and impressive uptime will ensure that your site does not suffer too much downtime or lose its search engine ranking because of this.  When it comes to managing your website, most major shared hosting plans employ cPanel, but FatCow opts for an alternative.  Whilst this is not too difficult to use, it may put you off if you are used to cPanel and would prefer to use the more established option.  All the functionality is here, but it may take some time to get used to.

Although it does not offer the cPanel control panel, FatCow has made efforts to make its shared hosting plan more desirable.  Carbonite online PC backup, which gives you 2 GB of free online backup space for your important files, is one such extra feature, which is unusual amongst web hosting plans.  Another interesting aspect of FatCow's hosting is that it is green, running entirely off wind energy, so your conscience can be clear.  The support system is strong, with both direct and online support.  Call waiting times are short, with 24-hour availability, and ticket responses are quick and efficient.  If anything does go wrong, you can expect your problem to be dealt with by experienced staff.

FatCow's hosting is quite a good plan, but there are some things missing.  The lack of cPanel, whilst not a major problem, is at least something you can avoid if you buy your hosting somewhere else.  And although there are some strong extra features, there is nothing that particularly stands out above the competition, apart from the free online backup.  However, the most persuasive argument against FatCow is that iPage offers the same service at a lower cost!  Why pay more for the same features?  Although FatCow offers unusual branding and a unique interface, it does not do enough to compete against its sister site.

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