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EnomCentral.com offers small number of shared hosting options alongside a range of other web solutions, aimed primarily at individuals and small businesses. However, whilst its hosting plans provide a reasonable level of service, they are priced significantly above the average, making them a poor choice for most customers. eNom also offers no virtual private or dedicated servers, severely limiting their provision of business-orientated web hosting.

Shared Hosting

All of eNom's shared plans offer complete functionality for a range of website design options, and bandwidth and disk space allowances are reasonable, though not generous. On the Starter and Spotlight plans, for example, 20 GB of disk space will be enough for most small sites, but 200 GB of bandwidth will limit the traffic you can support, particularly if you have a significant amount of media content, leading many customers to invest in the company's more high-spec plans. However, despite the company describing its Advanced plan as possessing "advanced features for high traffic and media rich sites", it is difficult to see how this evaluation is justified. All plans offer the same basic functionality and the same database provision, so other than an increase in specifications, there is not much to be gained by upgrading, and given this the price increases are certainly steep. When you consider that some web hosting providers are offering unlimited specifications for a quarter of this price, it does not seem to be particularly good value for money.

One of the benefits of eNom over some of the more minimal and often cheaper web hosting providers on the market is that the company offers a range of web products and can provide these as an integrated service. Domain buying and selling, website design and security, and a range of business tools are on offer here, and customers can benefit from the convenience of buying and managing all these services from the same place. However, this is not in and of itself a good enough reason to choose eNom; many companies offer a similar range of products and go to similar lengths to make their customers' lives easier. If you want this convenience, you will be able to find it elsewhere. Furthermore, with no high-end hosting plans at eNom - such as virtual private and dedicated servers, or cloud hosting solutions - customers looking for the potential to upscale will be disappointed.


eNom's technical support provision is probably adequate for the needs of most customers, but certainly doesn't go the extra mile. For the more common questions and problems, a reasonable online support center with FAQs and knowledgebase provides the main support. For the more specialized or serious concerns, customers can contact the company's technical support staff by email, ticket or phone, 24 hours a day. Whilst this is a broader range of options than many companies provide, eNom fails to offer live chat, which is the favored method of contact for many customers.

Though it has some promising features and provides adequately in most areas, eNom fails to stand out from the crowd on any particular point. And with prices well above some of its biggest competition, eNom looks set to remain a fairly mediocre choice for shared hosting. To see what else is available, check out our Top 10.

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