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SiteGround.com provides hosting of all sorts, and offers some impressive specifications in each category.  Unfortunately, their relatively high cost makes them poor value for money for most customers, and the low level of customization may mean you cannot get exactly what you are looking for.  However, if SiteGround does one thing well it is discounts, so make sure you watch out for these time-limited offers to get some more value for your money.

Shared Hosting

Rather confusingly, SiteGround's shared packages are arranged into eight different categories based on the needs of the customer.  You can purchase Joomla Hosting, eCommerce Hosting, Wordpress Hosting, Email hosting and more.  However, essentially these packages are all the same, and all this is likely to do is confuse customers who are looking for a simple shared hosting plan.  Once you have bought your hosting, managing your website is quite easy, with cPanel and Fantastico for easy script installation.  Whether you want to run a simple blog or an online store, SiteGround has the functionality for you to do it.  And with their unlimited bandwidth and disc space allowances and impressive performance record, you can be confident that your site is well hosted.

Semi-Dedicated, Dedicated and Cloud Servers

Although SiteGround claims to cater to all web hosting needs, their higher spec hosting is not in quite the same league as their shared hosting. The greatest weakness with SiteGround's semi-dedicated, dedicated and cloud servers is that there is much less choice than you might want.  Each of these products is available in only three different packages, and although the difference between the three is considerable, this does not allow for any customization.  If you have particular needs in terms of traffic allowances, processor speeds or disc space, you cannot upgrade features individually, and could end up spending a lot more than you intend to.  For this reason, the majority of customers would be much better off looking elsewhere.

However, if you do find a plan that suits you, there is a lot on offer.  A secure and reliable server environment, with 24/7 monitoring and competent support staff comes as standard on all servers.  The specifications are certainly adequate and the dedicated servers are particularly robust, each with a maximum limit of 10 TB of bandwidth.  It is a shame that SiteGround.com does not offer more flexibility when it comes to setting up your server, or they would be providing a very competitive service.


Technical support is a vital part of any hosting plan.  Unfortunately, when it comes to SiteGround, support is its biggest weakness.  The online help center is probably adequate, but certainly not extensive, and the options for direct contact are limited.  The ticket system does at least have an impressive expected response time of fifteen minutes, but this is not enough to make up for the problems elsewhere.

SiteGround has some work to do before it is ever going to compete with the industry leaders in web hosting, but it has some promising features.  Shared hosting plans, although expensive, are certainly strong, and if you can find them at a reduced rate they may be worth it.  As far as semi-dedicated, dedicated and cloud hosting goes, SiteGround is by no means perfect, and you will want to think seriously about whether you are happy with the level of support on offer before you buy.

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