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Angelfire Review

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Angelfire has been around for a while, and it was beginning to look as though the web hosting provider had left its better days behind it.  However, the site has undergone an overhaul and the clunky and outdated templates have been replaced by attractive and user-friendly designs.  Aimed very much at the beginner end of the market, Angelfire.Lycos.com prides itself on its ease of use and simple setup.  However, those looking for flexibility and top-level performance will not find much here to interest them.

Angelfire hosting has been designed for customers who want a professional-looking site up and running in minutes, but who do not have any previous technical experience in the areas of web hosting or website design.  For this reason, you will pay more for a basic hosting package than you are likely to pay elsewhere, but you are unlikely to find many other companies that will allow you to get going so quickly with such satisfactory results.  The vast array of customizable templates give you the chance to tailor your site's look to fit in with your content and intended audience.  For personal or small business websites, Angelfire could save you time and money, and for those who are a little more adventurous, there is even a file editor here, so you can make personal changes to your site.

However, this is probably where the benefits of Angelfire's service end.  Although the lower-level packages come at a very low cost, they provide far less than can be found elsewhere.  Unless you upgrade to at least their Basic package, your website will display Angelfire's own ads, and the very low bandwidth and disk space on offer will prevent your site from growing as your business does.  It is clear that Angelfire wants you to upgrade, and they throw in a free domain, improved website visitor statistics and other bonuses as incentives.  However, even if you do upgrade to their top plan, you will find yourself paying twice as much as you would with their more competitive rivals, and you will still not have the freedom that other web hosts can offer.

When it comes to support, Angelfire covers all the basics but certainly does not go the extra mile.  Useful tools such as live chat support are noticeably absent from their offering, and with only the more expensive plans even getting telephone support, you may just find that technical support is hard to get just when you need it most.  When you consider that Angelfire has targeted its hosting at those with less technical experience, this seems like a fairly major oversight.

Although they offer some impressive templates and will certainly help to make your life a little easier, there really are not many other reasons to choose Angelfire above the competition.  Free hosting may seem tempting, and if this is really all you want, you have nothing to lose.  However, if you want web hosting that will cover your needs as they change and offer you the top technical support in the industry, check out something from our Top 10.

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