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HostNine.com is most keen to publicize its shared hosting plan, but also has a select number of virtual private and dedicated servers available for its customers.  Whilst it does not offer the same level of customization or flexibility that some of the bigger hosting companies can, there are some strong features here and powerful technology to back them up.  Whilst most users will probably decide to go for one of the more established names in web hosting, HostNine may be worth taking a look at.

Shared Hosting

Both shared plans with HostNine offer unlimited bandwidth and disc space, allowing you to grow your site as you need to.  On top of this, they offer cPanel control panel software and Fantastico installer, so managing your website is straightforward.  There is support for the major scripts, and with Fantastico you will easily be able to develop your website using whatever method most suits you.  A standout feature of HostNine's shared hosting is the choice to base your hosting in the UK, the US or Asia, and though this is only available with the Enterprise plan, it is certainly a useful choice to have.  However, beyond this, there are few features to distinguish HostNine above the competition.  In fact, there are some areas in which HostNine's offer is considerably less than that of other hosting companies, particularly when it comes to business tools, and many extras such as SSH access require additional purchases.  Although there are some good things to recommend HostNine's shared hosting, there are better plans out there.


HostNine offers five virtual private server plans, varying greatly in size and specifications.  The features are strong here, and there is a plan to suit most customers, but beyond this there is little flexibility.  This is even more true with the dedicated servers.  With only three different server models available in the US, and five available in the UK, the choice is quite limited.  If you decide that you want something different, HostNine will give you a quote, but you are much more likely to find good value for money from a hosting company that specializes in flexible and customized plans.  A server is a large financial commitment, and you want to be sure that you are getting everything that you and your business need.


A good support system is an important part of any hosting company, and HostNine does not disappoint.  Live chat and telephone support are available for direct contact, so you can speak with an expert staff member.  For more minor problems, an extensive online FAQs section and community forums will cover most of the common support issues.

In most areas, HostNine's hosting is robust and offers the features you would expect from a web host in this price range.  However, customers may find that they have to pay extra for some functions, and could be disappointed by the lack of business and marketing tools on the shared plans.  Although HostNine's service is overall a good one, there are better options available, and with so many web hosts to choose from, there is no need to make compromises.

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