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Few free web hosts offer as much as uCoz.  Of course, with a free web host you are never going to get all the functionality and flexibility of a premium shared hosting plan, but uCoz.com comes as close as any.  Like many free web hosts, uCoz allows you to create a certain type of site in line with their basic model.  It is not a completely flexible design option, and if you are looking for this, you should look elsewhere.  However, it allows you to create pages from a large number of template options for a functional and interactive site.

With the uCoz content management system, you can create pages with particular functions such as blogs, guestbooks or photo albums.  However, you are limited if you want to go beyond this.  uCoz does not allow you to use scripts such as PHP or CGI, nor databases such as MySQL or Oracle.  Whilst this will not be a problem for those looking for an easy way to create a basic website, it will certainly mean that if you have more technical knowledge you will want to look elsewhere.  Because of this, uCoz is more suited to people with low expertise who want to use a website to showcase or explore a particular interest, such as artists who want to display their work online at no cost.

Another factor that will seem attractive to those who are designing their first website is that uCoz offers an impressive array of templates in themes ranging from anime to transport.  Using templates like these makes your job a lot easier, but the selection on offer here, whilst large, is in some ways quite limited.  Many have very busy layouts, with dark backgrounds, and do not naturally make for easy reading and browsing.  When it comes to website design, simple is often best, and uCoz seem to have abandoned this principle.

As with nearly all free web hosts, uCoz requires you to display ads on your site to pay for your hosting.  For a fee, these can be removed, but once you have done this, you may as well have paid for premium hosting.  The fact remains that sites like uCoz retain users by attracting those with little technical knowledge who, as their sites grow, do not have the confidence or expertise to transfer their site to a more appropriate or versatile hosting company.  If you fall into this category, have a think before you design your site with uCoz.  Many hosting options exist for a few dollars a month that give you all the flexibility uCoz is lacking, with none of the ugly or distracting advertisements.

If you are serious about creating a functional, attractive and user-friendly website, particularly if this is for a business, you will most likely need to find a premium shared hosting package, rather than a free tool such as uCoz.  However, if you just want to have some fun creating a site for your own interest , without the effort or expense that some hosting companies require, uCoz could work well for you.

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