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Web Hosting Pad Review

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A lot of things about WebHostingPad.com's hosting is unlimited.  Although they offer only one plan, and although this plan is right at the bottom end of the budget market in terms of cost, it serves up some impressive specifications.  Web Hosting Pad is likely to be useful for anyone who wants a shared hosting account at a very good rate that offers flexibility and ease of use.  However, those looking for more advanced features may have to keep searching!

For most small websites, Web Hosting Pad's unlimited bandwidth and storage should be enough to maintain things easily.  Alongside this, WebHostingPad.com offers a high level of functionality and script support so you can build your website in the way that you want to.  There is even a basic website builder for those who want an easier route to web design.  There is really everything here that you would expect of shared hosting plans of twice this cost: top email features, useful business tools and impressive reliability and security.  Whilst other companies may be offering more impressive design features or an even better performance record, you will pay premium rates for these if you decide you want them.

So what is not so great about Web Hosting Pad?  The first area that is a little weak is its support system.  A good level of technical support is vital when it comes to choosing a web host.  WebHostingPad.com does at least have a number of options for contacting them directly, so they are unlikely to let you down on this front.   But although their online area is very easy to navigate, it is certainly not the best we have seen in terms of its content.  It lacks any community forums, which are a great way to share problems and find solutions, and when we visited, its knowledgebase had not been updated for several months.  Another potential problem is that the company does not offer dedicated or virtual private servers, so if you want to upgrade you will have to transfer.  This is certainly not impossible, but will eat up some of your time that could be used to work on your site, so you should think about this if you are looking to grow your business significantly over time.

WebHostingPad.com will not suit everyone's needs but it offers some of the best value budget hosting the web has to offer.  Although you can pick up more features and a little more flexibility elsewhere, few plans in this price range can provide so much.  Check them out if this is what you are after, or look at some of our Top 10 if you want a hosting company that will accommodate your needs as your website expands.

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