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Web Hosting UK Review

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WebHosting.UK.Com describes itself as a 'leader in web hosting', and once you have made your way through its rather complex website and host of products, you may form a similar impression.  However, the obstacles to actually finding the right plan to suit you or your business are enough to turn a lot of customers away, and with so many competitors out there, Web Hosting UK fails to stand out from the crowd.

Shared Hosting

Web Hosting UK's shared hosting plans are quite middle-of-the-range by industry standards, and certainly do not offer anything you would not expect.  In terms of cost, they compare favorably with many on the market, but buyers should be aware that the prices are displayed in GBP - when you factor in the conversion to USD that most web hosting companies display their costs in, the difference is not so great.  And although overall, Web Hosting UK is reasonable value for money, some of its packages do not seem to punch their weight in comparison to others.  Its top-end shared hosting packages, for example, still put a fairly tight limit on disk space and bandwidth.  When you consider that some of their competitors are willing to offer unlimited specifications for a similar cost, Web Hosting UK starts to look like a less attractive option.

VPS, Semi-Dedicated, Dedicated and Cloud Hosting

Web Hosting UK does offer an impressive array of more advanced hosting options, from basic virtual private server packages through to fairly advanced dedicated and cloud servers.  However, unless you know exactly what you are looking for before you buy, their website does not make finding the best product very easy.  They are arranged haphazardly, and it can be difficult to see exactly what you are getting with each option, and what else is available.  It can also be unclear which add-ons can be purchased and at what point in the process, and when they have run time-limited discounts it has even been unclear what the regular cost of a product is.  The company could also have dispensed with the unnecessarily complicated names for its dedicated servers, which make it difficult to remember the merits of each as you do your research.  Overall, shopping with Web Hosting UK is not a very user-friendly experience.

In terms of the hosting plans themselves, the company again sits somewhere in the middle of the pile.  The specifications available are average at best, and in terms of value-for-money, Web Hosting UK's dedicated servers and cloud hosting in particular just cannot deliver.  And whilst the company is backed up by some fairly strong technology, if you are looking for dedicated hosting on a grand scale, you will probably want to narrow your search to companies that have more of a focus on this type of product.


Web Hosting UK's support system certainly offers everything you would expect of a company of this caliber.  With 24/7 live chat and phone support, you can be sure to get hold of someone as soon as you need help.  However, the online 'helpdesk' is beginning to look quite outdated and the knowledgebase can be difficult to navigate.  If you are looking for information in a hurry, this could be an issue.

Overall, it seems that Web Hosting UK has simply failed to move with the times.  Although there is nothing greatly wrong with the service on offer, the company does not excel on a single point.  With slightly overpriced plans and average features, why should you make the compromise?  Check out our Top 10 for web hosting plans with a more competitive edge.

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