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NetBenefit Review

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NetBenefit specializes in virtual private servers, dedicated servers and cloud hosting for high-end business users, as well as offering a range of managed hosting solutions and other web services. If you are looking to set up a simple personal site or basic small business presence, it goes without saying that this hosting will be out of your budget. However, for those looking for reliable and secure server and cloud options, NetBenefit has a range of products that may be of interest.

VPS and Dedicated Servers

Many users of virtual private servers look for scalability and customization above all else, and NetBenefit offers these. Hosted on powerful and reliable servers, NetBenefit's VPS plans also offer a level of performance that will satisfy the majority of customers. However, if you like the opportunity to build your server yourself piece-by-piece with real-time updates on how much this is likely to cost, you will be disappointed. This service, although now provided by many web hosts, is not available with NetBenefit.

Those looking to spend a considerable amount of money on a dedicated server will want to know that they are investing in the most powerful and reliable technology, and NetBenefit certainly delivers in this respect. With impressive uptime, round-the-clock server monitoring and a high capacity network, you can be sure NetBenefit has made all necessary efforts to improve the experience of its customers and their businesses. Specifications are also reasonable, with individual plans offering adequate specifications for most users; however, the company's 'High-end' server is not as high-spec as you might think, with only 6 GB of RAM and a relatively small amount of storage, so those looking for particularly high-end plans may want to consider alternative providers. It seems that NetBenefit has focused on quality over quantity in its disk space provision, with SAS hardware for improved reliability. Overall, NetBenefit's dedicated servers offer great reliability, whilst not necessarily providing the most impressive features. If this does not bother you,

Cloud Hosting

While some companies are yet to exploit the full power of cloud hosting, NetBenefit has seen all the potential benefits of the technology and given these to its customers. Most notably, the plans are completely customizable, giving you the chance to change everything from your security to your backup options. Furthermore, those looking to create hybrid hosting solutions can combine NetBenefit's cloud hosting plans with the company's dedicated servers, and tailor hosting to suit their businesses needs.


World-class support is a must for any successful hosting company, and this is never more the case than when the company in question is offering high-end products to businesses who rely on their hosting for their success. Whilst the particulars of your support plan will depend on the plan you go for, NetBenefit offers dedicated and competent technical support staff to guide you through any problems. The standard range of contact options is available, and there is even an out-of-hours phone number for emergencies.

Overall, NetBenefit offers a persuasive range of products for the high-end hosting market. With reliable technology, good staff and a high level of customization, there is a lot here to get excited about. However, spending the time to investigate the competition will likely reveal a number of more suitable alternatives, so start with our Top 10 to see what else is on offer.

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