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DynaDot Review

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Dynadot.com is right at the budget end of the hosting market, offering just two shared hosting plans, each with very limited specifications. This very small range of products means that the majority of web hosting customers will not find what they are looking for here; and, even those who are looking for the cheapest web hosting around could do better by looking at one of the more trusted and established names in the business.

Shared Hosting

Dynadot's Basic plan is one of the cheapest shared hosting plans around. However, as you might expect, it is also one of the most minimal, offering less than many free plans in terms of specifications and functionality. A tiny 30 MB of disk space is not going to enable you to develop a site with anything other than text and a small number of images, and 3 GB of bandwidth will severely limit the number of visitors your site can support each month. Basic hosting also offers no script installer and only provides you with the company's own control panel, making it a very limited option in terms of website design and management. Unless you have the technical skills to create a website using your own initiative, you will struggle to create anything satisfactory. Whilst all customers have the benefits of ad-free hosting and a fairly limited technical support system, it is really difficult to see why anybody would choose Dynadot over the many free and cheap shared plans out there.

The Advanced plan does admittedly go further, offering both cPanel and Fantastico for you to install scripts for features such as blogs and photo albums, but this is  really nothing unusual and is the absolute minimum you would expect. Unusually, Dynadot has made the decision to offer unlimited features if you choose an upgrade in the storage or bandwidth on your plan.  However, this will involve a further purchase, and without this upgrade,the functionality of the Advanced plan is fairly limited. Customers of Dynadot could possibly save some money when it comes to purchasing extras: many sought-after domains can be found at good value on the site's marketplace, and the domain privacy for a mere $2 annually is definitely worth investigating. However, these small bonuses are not enough to make up for a lack in specifications and usable features.


Dynadot's support system is in keeping with its overall poor standards. A very weak online support area is both difficult to navigate and thin on information. Direct support is not much better. Whilst the company does offer telephone support, this is not always reliable and is only available 9am-6pm Monday to Saturday, PST, so customers in other time zones may experience problems scheduling a call and contacting them outside of normal business hours is difficult.

Overall, Dynadot's service is not worth the money; and, at such low costs, this is saying something! While it may be tempting to fall for the incredibly low costs, a  small investment will pay out in the long term. Customers looking for much better shared hosting options, or a variety of virtual private servers and dedicated servers should check out our Top 10.

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