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Media Temple Review

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Even a quick glance at the website for Media Temple (or (mt) as they like to call themselves) is enough to tell you these guys mean business: high-end business. Their offerings of premium cloud hosting, Linux VPS and dedicated virtual servers are dwarfed by their mammoth $2000 a month private Nitro servers. So if you’re looking to set up your first cheap and cheerful website on a shoestring budget, stop reading now. (mt) offer a wealth of experience in the hosting world and cutting-edge technology, security and uptime to meet high performance expectations from their elite customers. If you’re willing to pay for quality, they may just have something to offer you.

Cloud Hosting

(mt)’s cloud hosting offers an impressive 100GB disk space along with it’s 1TB bandwidth and 100 domains, giving your website space to attract crowds from the start. If you do get too popular, it also boasts temporary burst containers, thanks to its Auto-Scaling MySQL technology that monitors activity on your site, ready to jump in with extra power if necessary to keep things running smoothly. This means even major bursts of traffic won’t slow things down, giving your site a very professional feel.

Dedicated Servers

Media Temple offer six options for dedicated servers, offering the user a wide range of options, and all come with their high-spec hardware and a mass of free, instant installation apps such as WordPress, Gallery and osCommerce. Even its cheapest option, starting at $50 a month with 512MB memory and 30GB diskspace, comes with a 1TB transfer allowance. The range extends up to a $1500 a month package offering 16GB memory, 600GB disk space and a 3TB bandwidth, and though many users won’t be starting at these sorts of specifications, the plans are scalable so you can easily switch between them should you need to. (mt)have also included a few touches ready-made for the business type on the run, with an array of powerful reselling tools including subscription, billing and resource management applications, as well as an industry first iPhone account center app.

Nitro Single-Tenant Dedicated Machine

For those with cash to splash and big needs to fulfill, (mt)’s specialist hardware is the Nitro dedicated server. Although it’s promoted as a stand-alone option on their site, this is really just the very top of (mt)’s dedicated server range, meaning you can upgrade from any of the servers to a Nitro quickly and easily. Unsurprisingly for the price, the specs are pretty impressive- a 16-core Intel processor, some of the fastest hard drives in the world and all of this usually available within 24 hours. Throw in an unlimited domain license and this is a machine for those looking to host hundreds of websites at top performance levels.


Of course, all the technology, memory and bandwidth in the world is still no good to you if it’s not working properly. Continuing their professional outlook however, (mt)’s support system is something they’ve worked hard on to underpin their impressive technology. An email and ticket system complements a never-sleeping 24 hour phone service with highly trained staff. For the Nitro servers there’s also an option to let (mt) help out by providing basic server administration, hardware replacement and network monitoring among other aspects.

Media Temple will not fulfill the needs of every customer, but its high end servers are definitely worth a look if this is the product you are after. For those looking for a broader range of hosting plans, check out our Top 10.

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