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Rackspace.com offers high-end hosting solutions to the business market, and focuses its efforts on managed and cloud hosting. As such, it certainly won’t be the best web host for everyone, and those looking for more basic packages or even high-spec unmanaged servers need read no further. However, in its own corner of the market, Rackspace is building up quite a strong reputation, and with promising technology and innovative pricing, it can only grow from strength to strength over the coming years.

Managed Hosting

Rackspace offers a vast range of managed hosting options to suit almost every possible need, and all servers are built with some of the best technology available. Our one criticism is that the company does not provide adequate comparison tables on its website, but a full investigation, or even a conversation with a member of the Rackspace team, will show you which of the many available options is best suited to you. Customization here is the key, with packages built around the specific needs of Rackspace’s customers. Therefore, although you are likely to pay somewhat more than you might elsewhere, the quality of service is almost unparalleled, and you can be confident that your hosting plan perfectly matches your business and its customers.

Cloud Hosting

Originally a separate sister site to Rackspace.com, Rackspace Cloud focuses its efforts on selling the company’s cloud hosting. The fact that it used to be branded separately gives you some idea of how seriously this company takes its cloud hosting, and the options available here are broad and flexible, so you should find something to suit your company’s hosting needs. Rackspace offers two basic types of cloud product: Cloud Servers and Cloud Sites, each of which can be fully customized. The differences between these two plans are various, and to get a good idea of what you need you should speak to a Rackspace advisor. However, on both cloud packages, you pay for what you use, so whilst you will pay the base rate no matter what, there is no need to upscale entirely if you find yourself needing slightly more bandwidth, for instance. In the long-run, this could save you a substantial sum.

Another pricing innovation that will help you save money is that Rackspace charges you for cloud hosting by the minute. Although seeing the words ‘per minute’ next to the company’s pricing information may at first seem daunting, this effectively means that any time your hosting is not up and being used, it is not costing you. Depending on your usage patterns, this could save you considerable amounts of money over the course of a year.


Rackspace describes its support team as ‘Fanatical’, and who are we to disagree? When it comes to managed servers and cloud hosting, nothing is more important than having a strong support system, particularly when your business is relying on its hosting and downtime can result in financial losses.  Admittedly, the contact options should only be used in certain instances, and this varies between plans; Cloud Sites, for instance, will not offer technical support with your application code and content. However, as long as you are aware from the start what your support plan covers, you should not have any problems here.

If you are looking for advanced managed or cloud hosting, you can’t go far wrong with Rackspace. While there are no doubt companies out there that provide better value, for quality of technology and service, Rackspace is difficult to beat. However, if you are after a more budget option, or want to look into shared, VPS or unmanaged servers, check out our Top 10 for the best in web hosting.

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