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SoftLayer Technologies specializes in dedicated and cloud hosting and has one of the biggest and most impressive ranges of products around.  They have been at the forefront of cloud-based technology for a few years, and exist to give optimum performance and reliability.  Their best feature, however, is that they offer fully integrated environments, so your dedicated servers, virtual servers and CloudLayer systems become unified computer environments.  This is what they call their 'SoftLayer difference'.  If SoftLayer has a weakness, it is the cost.  With premium service comes premium expense, and the high level of choice you get at every stage also hikes up the monthly rate.  However, if you are looking for this sort of product, the chances are you are going to be prioritizing performance, security and scalability - all of which SoftLayer can offer.  And with a variety of payment plans available for most of their packages, you can choose whichever plan suits you.

Dedicated Servers

SoftLayer.com's dedicated servers come in seven different categories for different requirements, and offer a high level of customization and flexibility.  You can choose between three US-based data centers, in Dallas, Seattle or Washington, DC, and as you buy your package you are able to further customize your server based on the specifications you need.  Everything from the server itself to the RAM, uplink port speeds, public bandwidth and number of IP addresses can be chosen individually.  SoftLayer really can serve any user's requirements, and you can even (for a price) opt for unlimited bandwidth with your dedicated server. 


SoftLayer's CloudLayer offers all the benefits of cloud-enabled computing, storage and content delivery with few of the drawbacks.  Their technology has been specially developed to provide security, performance and reliability and they have a track record to prove it.  The possibility of seamless integration here, between dedicated and virtual servers and cloud computing, is unique and is a persuasive reason for choosing SoftLayer above the competition.  All their packages come with impressive specifications, and their 21 nodes around the globe ensure that most end-users will be close to the content they need, for optimum performance.  This is still a new technology, and SoftLayer is really making the most of all the latest developments.

Everybody knows that when it comes to web hosting, particularly dedicated or cloud hosting, nothing is more important than strong technical support.  With SoftLayer, this is first-rate, and all easily accessible from the main site.  Email, phone and chat support work alongside the standard online support center to give you all the help you are likely to need. SoftLayer.com isn't worth looking at if you are not looking for dedicated hosting.  They have no shared hosting plans and don't even mess around with VPS hosting - this is strictly a techy-only zone, and you probably should not even visit the site if you don't have a very good idea of what you are looking for.  But if you are looking to find a dedicated server or advanced cloud computing, SoftLayer could be your answer.

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