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Jaguar PC Review

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JaguarPC are a trusted name in the hosting industry, providing higher-spec hosting for businesses, government agencies and non-profit organizations now as they have been for many years. Their hosting will never be the cheapest option, but instead they look to attract and keep customers with top-level technology, as well as some good value packages.

Shared Hosting

The first potentially good value package is their shared option, which gives you optimum hosting specifications for any growing site. Unlimited is the key word here, and covers disk space, bandwidth, domains, MySQL databases, FTPs and email (addresses/autoresponders/aliases). No holding back then from JaguarPC, their only sharing plan covers everything you’d need from shared hosting, and will allow you expand as you need to, without suffering from surges in visitor numbers. As well as web-design templates to get your site off the ground, this plan supports the usual plethora of ‘p’ languages- PHP 4 and 5, Perl and Python amongst others. This gives you great flexibility in writing and building your website however you choose. You’ll then be able to personalize your site using most mainstream multimedia options as well as forums and blogs to keep everyone interested. There’s also all the features you need for e-commerce, including merchant accounts, shopping carts in various forms - xCart, osCommerce and Agora - and the option to use JaguarPC’s SSL certificate to provide a secure SSL server.

Reseller Hosting

Merely the inclusion of 3 IP addresses, a domain reseller and unlimited accounts would make JaguarPC’s package an attractive one, so the rare bonus of being allowed overselling is even more impressive. This means you need not worry if your customers’ demands exceed what you can supply, as you’ll be allowed the extra data instead of an embarrassing failure to meet their needs. However, the data allowances aren’t too big, perhaps why overselling might be important. There’s also limited access to WebHostingManager; though this is still functional, many other providers will offer full access.

VPS and Dedicated Servers

There are four different specification levels for Linux-based virtual private servers, each with a Windows counterpart that costs $10 a month more. Starting with the $19 a month ‘Plus’ plan, with 512MB of RAM and an impressive 2GB of burstable memory, all the plans include root (Linux) or admin (Windows) access and the choice of four control panels including the highly-rated cPanel. They have a fair bandwidth restriction of 3000GB and allow unlimited domains with a domain reseller included. The ‘Pro’ plan, at $29 a month, doubles the available disk space and RAM, and the next ‘Business’ option doubles that again as well as giving 100% more burstable memory to cope with any traffic surges easily. The highest plan ups each of these specs again, but for a Windows system will cost almost $80 a month.

The dedicated servers come in a similar range, with three different processors offering two choices of RAM and disk space each. There are no limits on incoming data, meaning your customers can throw countless requests for email, FTP and web pages at your site without concern, as well as uploading FTP themselves if that’s applicable. JaguarPC also guarantees 100% uptime and hardware replacement, so you can rest assured your machine is being looked after and if your site ever goes down you will be reimbursed for it.


This is such an important aspect in an age where using a computer or the internet requites almost no knowledge of how it works. This of course means when things do go wrong, many people are at a loss as to where to start, so good support from your hosting provider is really very important. JaguarPC believe this; alongside the standard facilities of 24/7 phone, email and chat support, they have added a knowledgebase and a forum community. This last point is the most interesting: JaguarPC host this but do not control the content, making it one of the most honest forums out there; and, interestingly, their phone support and reliability both take a bit of a lambasting on it!

JaguarPC’s options will cover most users’ needs, but not as the cheapest option. Whether they offer good value for money will depend on exactly what you’re looking for. In some cases they may suit you, and the shared hosting option in particular will stand out if looking to make a busy site without the security of having it on its own server. However, in most cases there will be better deals out there, and with more respected customer support in addition - check out our Top 10 for ideas.




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