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GreenGeeks make the claim on their website that by the year 2020 the web hosting industry will be as big a polluter as the airline industry; unless, of course, other companies follow in the footsteps of GreenGeeks whose eco-credentials are truly admirable. There are now many hosting companies who claim to be 100% carbon neutral, and GreenGeeks have had to make an extra effort to remain worthy of their name and stand out from the crowd. In this effort, the company now describes itself as "300% Green". How? For every unit of power that GreenGeeks uses, the company buys three units of wind energy credits. A hosting plan with GreenGeeks will therefore directly support the renewable energy industry, and, the company would no doubt argue, also put consumer pressure on other hosting companies to make the switch to green energy. Given that a hosting plan with GreenGeeks is so virtuous, you might expect it to be more expensive than the competition. However, although the prices are probably slightly more than you might expect as market averages, the difference is minimal. GreenGeeks have somehow managed to develop hosting that won't cost your savings or the earth.

Shared Hosting

Dispensing with the custom of offering several basic shared plans, GreenGeeks has made the sensible decision to offer just one such plan, with unlimited specifications and high functionality. While this means that there is no super-cheap option, it also means you can get access to some fairly impressive shared hosting for less than $5 per month. Even better, the package includes a free domain name, making it even more economical.

Reseller Hosting

Despite their rather unusual names, GreenGeeks' reseller plans deserve to be taken seriously. With unlimited bandwidth, disk space, domains and databases, you will be able to offer a fairly impressive plan to any potential customers. And with the usual script support and design options, alongside complete e-commerce functionality, your hosting will be suitable for small businesses as well as personal sites. However, with its top reseller package only offering 250 cPanel accounts, the size of your reseller business will be fairly limited, and the costs involved in purchasing the right to these control panels means your eventual spend could be a little steep.

VPS Hosting

Compared to its other plans, GreenGeeks' VPS packages do not offer particularly good value for money, but are still worth looking at. The five plans will cover the needs of a broad selection of the VPS market, and with a choice of cPanel or WHM, many users may be drawn in by the flexibility this offers. Because they offer full root access and nightly backup, GreenGeeks' virtual private servers are also designed for user-friendliness, and the guarantee of equal CPU share means all customers are treated fairly. However, there isn't a great degree of customization here, and those looking for extensive scalability potential will need to look elsewhere. GreenGeeks offer some strong VPS plans but, like many companies not specializing in this part of the market, they fail to offer the choice or value that specialists can promise.


GreenGeeks' technical support is in keeping with their overall high standards, though it could still do with improvements. Extensive online materials are information-rich, but could do with being organized slightly more logically. Direct contact is better, with all the usual options, including North America-based telephone support. No hosting can guarantee to be fault-free, but with GreenGeeks you can be confident that problems will be dealt with quickly and effectively.

If green hosting is what you want, GreenGeeks is probably going to be one of your preferred options, and if this is what you decide, you will probably be very satisfied. However, if your priority is performance, value or functionality, you will want to go for a company offering an even more competitive plan. Check out our Top 10 for some ideas.

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