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It is immediately clear from Arvixe’s website that they are a very professional company. The branding of the site is superb and they are both clear and honest as to what their plans offer, with a comparison tool that gives you both positives and negatives for each choice. Needless to say, admitting the latter is a rare and bold move for any company, but Arvixe’s plan is justified; as they play down one plan, so they offer up a perfect alternative from their range. It is a fairly impressive range too, with twelve shared hosting options, four VPS alternatives and four choices of both single- and dual-processor dedicated servers.

Shared Hosting

While many companies offering higher-end services (such as VPS or dedicated servers) price their lower-level shared hosting options more expensively than they could, Arvixe’s shared hosting plans are some of the best value around. Admittedly, they do start at $4 a month, with unlimited disk space, bandwidth, email addresses and MySQL databases, so they’re not quite the simplest or cheapest choice out there, but they really do score highly when it comes to value for money. The ‘Businessclass’ plan shares the features of Personalclass, which also includes 6 domains, the comprehensive cPanel hosting tool and support for the usual Perl, Python, CGI Scripting and more, as well as adding a dedicated IP address and greater reliability by capping the number of users on any one server. In other words, if you need a site to stay online, the Business option is for you.

If you’re looking to do some hosting yourself, Arvixe provides tailored ‘Resellerclass’ plans to suit your needs. Understandably, they introduce storage and transfer allowances for this, but with 50GB of disk space and 500GB bandwidth there’s enough to start hosting some low-traffic websites immediately. It should be noted that traffic may be an issue here, as the Resellerclass is on the same shared servers as the Personalclass, meaning that higher reliability is not guaranteed. You have here, however, the essential kit to start your own hosting business: access to a reseller control panel, which allows the creation and management of individual accounts for each of your users. And it is also worth pointing out here that for each of the plans listed above, there is an ASP option for Windows, which costs a bit more than its Linux counterpart, and that both the standard and ASP options can be upgraded to ‘Pro’ plans, so there is a high degree of flexibility depending on your needs.

VPS and Dedicated Hosting

Starting at $40 per month, the four VPS options are divided up just like the shared hosting plans - with a Linux and ASP version, and Pro plans for each of these. The base level plans, offering only 40GB disk space but unlimited bandwidth and 1024MB dedicated memory, are more suited to ‘less content, more traffic’ sites. Reliability is again improved thanks to separately-allocated resources for each user on a server using virtualization technology, and the VPS choice comes with anonymous name servers and a virtual DVD drive for added privacy and functionality.  Upgrading to Pro, which on an ASP version costs $100 a month, doubles the disk space and dedicated memory available as well as adding 3 more IP addresses. All VPS options on sale by Arvixe offer more dedicated memory and IP addresses than many similarly-priced competition, but often less disk space than their competitors, and this is something worth bearing in mind.   

On dedicated plans, safety features such as redundant generators ensure your sever stays online through any unexpected events, though with Arvixe’s setup power failures are unlikely. This could save your business from problems including loss of search engine rankings and, potentially, profits. Also included is a copy of the award-winning cPanel control panel. With an average cost of $425/year, this free feature saves a lot of money on a product most website owners will want to buy anyway.


Technical support is one of the most important services a hosting provider can offer, and fortunately Arvixe offers everything you’d want from a support network: an online ticketing system, knowledgebase, live chat, and the all-important 24/7/365 phone tech support.

Arvixe live up to their smart branding and appearance with a range of quality hosting services. Running from shared hosting for large personal and business sites through to high-performance dedicated machines, all with excellent service, they offer some of the best value plans on the market. However, their less-than generous disk space allowances on some plans, and scarcity of rarer features means that you are still likely to pick up a better deal elsewhere. To see what we’re talking about, check out our Top 10.


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