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India Times Hosting Review

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India Times Hosting offers a number of hosting plans for Indian websites, and has proven a popular choice, hosting several thousand sites and retaining a reasonable chunk of the Indian hosting market.  The main India Times site is one of the most visited sites in India and they have capitalized on this by offering a variety of hosting packages, as well as domain sale, business email, site design and search engine optimization.  However, although they advertise an impressive array of products, these are mostly not of a standard you would expect.  When it comes to web hosting, their minimal specifications, the standard of their support and their mediocre value for money may make you think twice before you buy from them.

Buying hosting with India Times can be confusing.  There is no direct comparison page between all their different products, so you cannot easily see which package is best for you, and some of the information is unclear about exactly what you will be getting with each plan.  Their hosting plans come in three basic types: shared hosting, for smaller sites; reseller hosting, for those who want to sell on hosting space to others; and VPS hosting, for those who want more powerful specifications and more control over their site's hosting.  Also available is a selection of site design products, which can be bought with hosting.  Here, we will deal with the shared and VPS hosting plans, as these represent the basic choice facing most Website owners.

Shared Hosting

As far as hosting specifications are concerned, India Times Hosting's plans leave a lot to be desired.  Rather than offering a scale of different plans that provide increasing disc space, bandwidth and other specifications, India Times has two hosting plans with the same basic features, but with a choice between Windows and Linux hosting, with different script support as a result.  Whilst we value this choice, it is a confusing one for tech novices to have to make, and there could have been more information for those who have no experience shopping for web hosting.  When it comes to the specifications themselves, they are at the low end of the industry standard.  For a similar cost, many competitors offer unlimited bandwidth and disc space, for example.  If you need to expand your site, there are few options open to you, other than to transfer to another company or upgrade to a virtual private server.

VPS Hosting

India Times' Virtual Private Server hosting also has specifications at the lower end of what you might find elsewhere.  Whilst it may be fine for smaller sites, why settle for less when you can find more for the same cost or cheaper?  The low amount of dedicated memory (512 MB) in particular, could leave you open to problems if you have visitor surges, and the lack of marketing features makes it a bad choice for small businesses.  You will be charged for everything above the very basic plan, and you could find yourself spending much more than you originally intended.

Possibly the worst thing about India Times is its customer service.  There is email and phone support, but there is no live chat  option and little in the way of an online help center.  Not only this, but we have heard reports that staff there have been less than helpful at sorting out common problems.  When it comes to web hosting, few things are more important than customer support, and we see no reason to make a sacrifice here, especially when India Times offer no standout features to compensate for this.  If you're looking for high-quality web hosting that is tailored to your needs, have a look at one of the products in our Top 10.

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