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iPage.com only does shared hosting, but it does it well.  Unlimited disc space and bandwidth, along with good script support and a great performance record, make it a strong candidate for your choice of shared hosting.  However, its features list is slightly different from that on offer by most shared hosting plans, and before you make a commitment, you should ensure that it has everything you are looking for.

Many of iPage's features are unlimited, with everything from their email accounts to their databases offering as much as users could want.  Whilst shared hosting accounts are always in reality going to be somewhat limited by the fact that servers host many users, high specifications are a good reassurance that any small site should be hosted without problems. 

When it comes to managing your website, however, iPage suffers slightly because its biggest weakness is that it uses a slightly less conventional control panel and installer software.  Most of the best webhosts use cPanel for their control panel, and many will have Fantastico installer for easy script installation, but iPage has neither.  Instead, they use a control panel called H-Sphere, and an installer called Install Central.  For most users, this will not make much difference to you, but if you are particularly accustomed to using cPanel and are comfortable with it, you may want to go for a hosting plan that offers this.  Whilst they can both perform most of the functions of their more popular counterparts, they are a little less user-friendly.

As if trying to make up for the small deficiencies in their service, iPage.com features one or two capabilities that are not found elsewhere.  One of these is Carbonite online PC backup, which gives you 2 GB of free online backup space for your important files - an unusual service for a web host, but a useful one nonetheless.  Another strong area lies in the hosting's tools for businesses. 

Their shopping cart and PayPal integration is simple, and the marketing help is above that offered by many.  There is also a strong support system, with many options for direct contact or online support.  The call waiting times are short, and the ticket responses are timely and generally helpful.

iPage.com offers top specifications and an impressive performance record, all for an almost unbelievably low cost.  However, there are one or two small features missing that have put a lot of customers off iPage and prevent it from quite making it into our Top 10. 

If you want flexibility and performance on a budget, iPage could be a sensible choice, but if you have a few more dollars a month more to spend, you might consider it worth the extra cost to op for one of the higher ranking sites in this category.

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