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StartLogic Review

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StartLogic offers a range of hosting options, particularly aimed at small businesses looking to establish an online presence. The company focuses on pushing its shared hosting products, but it also offers three very reasonable virtual private server plans for those looking to upscale. Ultimately, however, StartLogic.com fails to compete with the bigger names in the business, thanks largely to its lack of really useful features and an undue focus on marketing and promotion of its customers' sites.

Shared Hosting

A quick glance tells you that on on its shared plans at least, StartLogic is generous when it comes to essential specifications such as disk space and bandwidth. There is also provision here for those who want to control every aspect of their hosting from the start, with a choice of Windows or Linux hosting, though the Windows plan does not return great value for money. Other good points include the free domain on the two more expensive plans, saving you several dollars over the course of a year, and an easy script installer for the creation of instantly impressive and functional websites.

StartLogic is very good at cramming in the free gifts, and this is particularly the case when it comes to free ad credits. However, while a chunk of advertising space on Facebook, Google, Yahoo! or Bing is certainly useful, we can't help but feel that StartLogic would have been better to invest in features that provide a more direct use for its customers. With its limitations, such as a quite small database provision, StartLogic is clearly not aiming itself at the more technical end of the market; nor is it aiming itself at individuals setting up small non-profit personal sites, if its focus on marketing is anything to go by. StartLogic is therefore limiting itself to a rather small niche of the hosting market, and this is its major downfall.

VPS Hosting

The company's website is not arranged particularly effectively, and so a glance at its homepage will not even tell you that StartLogic offers virtual private servers at all. However, dig a little deeper, and you will discover three such plans. All the basics are certainly here: a choice of Linux operating systems, very reasonable specifications and some strong hardware. More impressive is the very generous burstable RAM allowance, so you do not need to worry about traffic surges, and, unsurprisingly, StartLogic again fills out its plans with free advertising credits. Whilst there is nothing noticeably absent from these plans, the lack of flexibility and minimal potential for upscaling could prove problematic for customers who see their needs increasing over time. The potential for scalability is one of the greatest benefits that VPS hosting can offer, and StartLogic has failed to capitalize on this.


A strong support system is essential to the success of any provider of web hosting, as technical difficulties are a common occurrence. Even when you know your site is hosted by some of the best technology available, the peace of mind in knowing that it is backed up by a range of reliable support options is invaluable. StartLogic fares reasonably in this department, and has certainly made an effort to make the customer's life easier. Technical support can be contacted directly either by phone or through a ticketing system, and there is an online knowledgebase for more simple problems. However, this online area could do with expanding, and we would also like to see the introduction of a live chat option for communicating with the company's technical support staff.

StartLogic offers reliable hosting with reasonable specifications at average prices, but does little to stand out. Despite its focus on marketing tools, it remains one of the less feature-rich hosting companies in this price-range, and does not provide the ideal combination of options for many customers. If you shop around, you can find a similar offering at a cheaper price, or spend the same and get something much more impressive; to see what we mean, have a look at out Top 10 web hosting companies.


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