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UKFast specializes in high-end dedicated servers and cloud hosting, and it certainly knows its business. If you are unsure about exactly what product you are looking for, UKFast's website explains each plan in detail, with in-depth looks at the technology involved and the various benefits of each package. The company does not display its prices, as each plan is built around the customer and it is a measure of UKFast's dedication to its customers that its advisors will guide you through every stage of the decision-making process. However, for some, this hands-on approach may be frustrating, and though it certainly has its benefits, it is a matter of personal choice. But even leaving this aside, there are other reasons to seriously consider UKFast apart from its service. To start with, all the company's hosting solutions are completely carbon neutral, so your conscience can be clear. And, what's more, when it comes down to it, UKFast can boast some fairly impressive technology at its disposal.

Dedicated Servers

A glance at UKFast's dedicated servers will tell you that they offer pretty good specifications, with a very high memory allowance and powerful processors. When it comes to storage, the company has opted for quality of quantity, and this is no bad thing, though not particularly common amongst its rivals. UKFast has also taken some less conventional decisions when it comes to its features, such as its High Availability and Enterprise packages offering unmetered backup, an invaluable feature on any dedicated plan. The company is also clearly dedicated to transparency, with monthly performance reports, and offers the standard choice of operating systems and control panels.

So where does UKFast go wrong? It is true that in most respects, UKFast's servers seem to parallel the best in the business. However, there a number of very small details that could push you towards siding with the competition. In terms of customers hosted, UKFast is not one of the bigger providers of hosting, and this has benefits and downfalls. Whilst it may mean you are treated more as an individual, it will also mean that the company ultimately has fewer technical staff at its disposal than some of the giants in the business. Another problem relates to setup. Whilst the approach taken by UKFast may be beneficial to some, other customers may prefer sites to display all the options available to them from the start. Although UKFast's website is very clear about the company's technology, it is less clear about the individual hardware and specifications that are available to customers. Some hosting sites offer a 'build-it-yourself' service, so you can see your server develop as you add and modify features, and see the estimated cost in real-time. UKFast offers no such service.

Cloud Hosting

UKFast's cloud hosting options are at least as various, flexible and customizable as its dedicated servers. With fully managed hosting, you need never worry about technical issues, though with the option for near-instant scalability you can certainly upgrade your hosting if you feel the need. The company seems to have made the most of everything cloud hosting has to offer, and again the emphasis is on industry-leading technology rather than on particular specifications.

Support and Reliability

It goes without saying that a company providing such high-spec hosting to businesses that rely on it daily, must back it up with reliability promises and a world-class support system. UKFast does not go far wrong, with promises of 15 minute rapid response and 1 hour hardware replacement. Technical support, should you need it, is on-site, UK-based and 24-hour, so you need not worry about trying to contact a technical expert out of business hours.

In nearly every field, UKFast offers a superb hosting experience for high-end customers, and with a few improvements, it could certainly make it into our Top 10 in the future. In the meantime, why not see what companies have made it, and why they beat the competition?

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