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Site5.com offers a selection of hosting solutions in nearly every category, for everything from small personal sites to medium-sized business sites.  With impressive specifications and acceptable features, Site5 may look like a persuasive alternative to some of the bigger names in the hosting business.  However, a closer look will reveal that their above-average prices on some packages cannot really be justified and their slightly confusing website may get in the way of you finding your ideal hosting plan.

Shared and Shared Cloud Hosting

All of Site5's regular shared hosting plans offer premium specifications at quite reasonable prices.  However, although the dedicated IP address on the Turbo package is a great utility, the more expensive plans do not offer as much of an upgrade as you might expect . For example, although the HostBasic plan does not quite provide the complete functionality of its more expensive equivalents, it comes pretty close, and Site5 would do well to offer a broader portfolio of hosting plans to suit a greater range of customers.  In terms of their cloud shared hosting, the company offers a strong selection of plans, but these are unsurprisingly priced some way above some of the more specialist cloud hosting companies.

VPS and Cloud VPS

Buyers of virtual private servers will likely be looking for flexibility and scalability, and Site5 scores well on both these counts.  Customers have the option to purchase several extras, including additional IPs and data backup.  Whilst the original plans do not offer a great deal to interest, this flexibility is a real bonus, and with instant scalability your hosting can grow as and when you need it to.  The SiteAdmin control panel makes it easy to run your server and carry out most basic tasks, and the full management feature means you should never have to worry about potential problems with your server.  Again, the possibility to have your virtual private server hosted in the cloud is a useful option, but the sacrifices that this demands in terms of specifications will make it an unattractive choice for many.

Dedicated Servers

Like many similar hosting companies, Site5 offers a small selection of dedicated servers.  However, unless you are already with Site5 and are particularly keen to remain with them as you upgrade,  you can do a lot better elsewhere.  Although their three server packages will cover a broad range of dedicated hosting needs, the lack of customizable features means you are unlikely to ever get quite what you need.  Most customers will be better off going for a more specialized dedicated server provider or a hosting company with a larger range of options in this category.


Site5's customer support is strong, and this is to be applauded in a company that aims to appeal to every level of the hosting market. The online area is extensive and rich with information, though it could have been a little easier to navigate.  To compensate, the options for direct support are as extensive as anywhere, if you do not find what you are looking for online. Unfortunately, however, those who opt for unmanaged dedicated hosting will lose access to the 24/7 technical support, meaning they really are on their own.

Overall, Site5 provides a very reasonable set of hosting plans, but their relatively high cost makes them an unrealistic option for those on a tight budget.  Whilst they have great support and are backed up by strong technology, they fail to shine when it comes to value-for-money and richness of features.  Those looking for more for their money should check out our Top 10.

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