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Yahoo! Web Hosting Review

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Yahoo! Small Business Web Hosting is an easy hosting option for the less tech-savvy business owner.  Whilst it may not have all the features that its competitors can boast, Yahoo! makes life simpler by keeping everything in one place, and allowing you to manage web design, marketing and email without calling in outside help. 

Yahoo! makes the assumption that its users will not have any website design experience, and will therefore guide you through every stage of the process.  Essentially, it adopts a template-based approach to site design, with further customizable elements that can be tailored to fit the needs of your business.  Although Yahoo! does the hard work of design, you get the final say in terms of the look, feel, layout and functionality of your site, and the end result will look quite impressive.

The included tracking and reporting features are great for small businesses to keep an eye on how wide their reach is.  Some of this information, such as keyword analysis will help you to craft your site to make sure you are reaching the right audience.  Just as with some of the other functions, similar features are available for free elsewhere (such as with Google Web Analytics), but having everything in one place will save you time and effort.  Yahoo! will also help you market your site, and just like many of its competitors it offers an amount of free advertising space with both itself and Google AdWords.

However, this is not a package for technology experts.  Although it does support third-party design tools, the main attraction of Yahoo! hosting is that it allows you to integrate everything smoothly.  If you want greater flexibility than this, you should look elsewhere to find greater value for money.  There is only one plan on offer, and it suffers somewhat because of this.  Those looking for the most affordable hosting plans, perhaps for personal or non-profit websites, will not be satisfied with Yahoo!.  Nor will those looking for VPS or Dedicated hosting.  Yahoo! instead caters for only a very small niche in the market.

This would be fine if it was exceptional in this niche.  However, when you consider that Yahoo! is marketed at novices, it does not do very well when it comes to technical support.  In theory, this is all here, with free phone and email support, as well as a reasonable amount of online material to help you through the majority of difficulties.  However, actually contacting support can be more complicated.  They do very little to publicize their support number and many users have reported that staff are unhelpful when they can be reached.  For any web hosting company, this is a major flaw, but especially considering Yahoo!'s target users.

A rather complicated costing system might put further users off, and when compared with its competitors, Yahoo! Web Hosting does not offer very good value for money.  Although Yahoo! Small Business Web Hosting offers some interesting features, you will find much better service elsewhere at an even lower cost.  Check out some of our Top 10 products for something that fulfills all your hosting needs.

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