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InMotion Hosting Review

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InMotionHosting.com offers a broad range of hosting plans to suit all needs and budgets, and all of them come with the best specifications and support available.  Whether it is shared hosting you want, or a VPS or dedicated plan, InMotion provides the best value and flexibility for webmasters.  Admittedly, they are a little pricier than a few of their competitors, but in the long-run their service is likely to save you time, effort and money.  And if you cannot afford some of their more advanced hosting plans, they offer their most basic package for $3 per month, which is one of the cheapest plans available anywhere.  InMotion has truly thought of the needs of every potential customer and delivers in every area.

Something that sets InMotion Hosting apart from the competition is the degree of choice you get at every stage.  The twelve different hosting packages cover every need from the most basic to the most advanced, and additional add-ons are available so you can further customize your hosting plan.  Few other hosting companies cater to so broad a market whilst offering such good value for money, and this is an important reason why InMotion Hosting leads the field.  As your website or business grows, or as your hosting needs change, you can tailor your plan to suit you.  You will not need to bother with the hassle of transferring to another company, or looking for other hosting options as everything can be done in one place.  And, as you will see, this flexibility and respect for the needs of the customer extends into the features of the individual packages and the quality of support on offer.

Cheap/Personal and Business Hosting

The features of all the shared hosting packages are impressive, and there are simply too many to list here.  Personal plans come with a large amount of storage and bandwidth, and this is unlimited with Business plans, so you can make the most of your website as it grows and attracts more visitors. All plans cover the basics, but the Business plans are by far superior and InMotion Hosting encourages its users to upgrade to them.  One weakness with the 'Cheap/Personal' plans is that they need to be paid for two years in advance, so when you also consider the advantages of even the most basic Business plan and the small difference in cost, it is certainly worth upgrading.

If you're not an expert at website design, there is no need to worry.  Most plans come with web design tools, and are compatible with all the main programming software, so you can choose how you design the site.  Again, with the Business plans, the premium website builder will cover all your design needs, so you won't need to purchase more technically demanding software from elsewhere.  Depending on which plan you choose, you will have access to image galleries, audio and video streaming, shopping carts and a host of other online functions - ideal for business owners, in particular.

A standout feature of InMotion's Business hosting is its flexibility compared to many of its competitors.  At a very reasonable cost you get some of the benefits that elsewhere are only available to those with VPS or dedicated hosting, such as large numbers of parked domains and multiple site hosting.  If you are running a business that's looking to expand and develop a large internet presence, one of these hosting plans could be a great place to start.

  All hosting plans come with completely toll-free 24/7 technical phone support, as well as a detailed online knowledgebase, support forum, tutorials and email support.  

VPS and Dedicated Hosting

Further up the product list, InMotion's VPS and Dedicated hosting plans offer unrivalled specifications and flexibility.  Powerful and reliable processors will provide some of the best performance out there, and InMotion Hosting allows you a high level of control over your hosting.  For those on a VPS plan, impressive burstable memory means your website will not suffer from the effects of temporary traffic surges.  On the dedicated plan, a 2-hour hardware replacement guarantee will ensure that if your CPU, motherboard, hard drive or another device fails, things will soon be running smoothly again.  Although it is unlikely that these will ever fail, it will be reassuring to know that you will be back online as soon as possible, saving your business from adverse consequences such as loss of search engine rankings or profits.

SSH and optional root access also give you the maximum control over your hosting, and included in all VPS and dedicated hosting plans is a licensed copy of cPanel, the award-winning and industry-leading control panel software.  This normally retails for $425/year, so this could make you a big saving on a product most owners of large websites will want to purchase anyway.

Support and Reliability

When it comes to web hosting, few things are more important than the quality of the technical support available.  With InMotion Hosting, this part of the package is superb.  All hosting plans come with completely toll-free 24/7 technical phone support, as well as a detailed online knowledgebase, support forum, tutorials and email support.  There is even live chat support so you can 'talk' to an assistant instantly from your computer.  The staff are extremely helpful and willing to do all they can do assist you, meaning that you can rest assured that any technical difficulties you have will be sorted out quickly and efficiently.  With their more premium services, support is even more hands-on, as you can see above; and with great uptime and proven impressive performance, the likelihood is that you will not encounter any major problems at all.


InMotion Hosting seem sure that you'll be impressed with their hosting - so much so, that they are offering money-back guarantees of up to 90 days on some of the packages.  This is more than most of their competitors, and proves that they really know they are the best out there.  Some people may find that InMotion Hosting does not provide them with the tools they need, and indeed it does not include some of the more specialist business features that some competitor products are offering.  Others will want a more comprehensive set of web design features included in their plan.  However, for most people, InMotion Hosting will be the best value and best service hosting plan available. 

Here at No1Reviews.com we like to practise what we preach, and that's why No1Reviews.com is actually hosted on one of InMotion Hosting's Dedicated Elite servers. We've been with many web hosts in the past, and none have offered us as great a service as InMotionHosting.com. The loading speeds are excellent, the uptime is superb, the tools are great and we have full control over our server. Most importantly, however, the technical support staff are always highly responsive and have always gone that extra mile to help us out whenever we've needed help (which is more than we can say for some of the web hosts we've had in the past!) In summary, we have no hesitation whatsoever in awarding InMotion Hosting our No. 1 Choice Award in this category.

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