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HostRocket Review

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HostRocket.com is one of the smaller names in the hosting world, but it has been around for over a decade and, since its foundation,  it has built up a name for itself as a provider of reliable and professional hosting solutions. With a range of options available, from a versatile but essentially basic shared plan, right through to very high-spec cloud hosting, HostRocket covers it all. However, while it offers some impressive features at quite reasonable prices, some customers may prefer to go for a better-known brand and enjoy the extra level of reliability and support this can bring.

Shared Hosting

With just one shared plan, HostRocket needs to offer a lot to impress, and to a large degree it does. As well as enabling complete functionality for a vast array of design options, HostRocket also offers a large number of 'unlimited' specifications for a very reasonable price. Customers should be aware, however, that 'unlimited' is never actually infinite, and will only allow you to use the company's resources in a manner that it deems 'reasonable'. However, it is certainly a good start, and with HostRocket's most budget VPS plan starting at only a few dollars a month more, there is plenty of chance to upgrade should you need to without a major investment. The only flaws in the company's shared plan are to do with its quite limited features; where other companies fill their plans with marketing and business tools, for example, HostRocket looks quite minimal. This may not worry you, but with other providers offering much more in this department for a similar price, we see no reason to settle for less.

VPS, Dedicated Servers and Cloud Hosting

Customers looking at HostRocket's high-end plans will want to know that they are buying into high-quality technology with the performance and reliability to keep their business online 24 hours a day. HostRocket really excels in this department, and it is no wonder that they have become a favorite amongst a small but significant number of online businesses and hosting resellers. Customization and flexibility are also amongst HostRocket's strengths, and customers on their VPS and cloud plans will be pleased to know that the options for upscaling are massive. As with many companies, this level of customization is not repeated with their dedicated servers; if you want this, you will most likely have to go with a company that specializes in high-end dedicated servers. However, the four servers on offer here are certainly strong and provide reasonable value for money, with an option available to suit most dedicated hosting needs.


In the essential area of customer support, HostRocket again performs well, but not brilliantly. The online area is certainly adequate for the majority of common problems, but will not solve your more complex technical issues and may take some time to navigate effectively. And although there are three options for direct technical support, the company lacks live chat facilities, making it feel outdated compared to some of its heavier competition.

HostRocket certainly isn't the strongest hosting provider on the market, but it puts up a good fight when it comes to performance, reliability and basic specifications. For more advanced features and more comprehensive technical support, however, customers will need to look elsewhere. For this, we suggest you check out our Top 10.

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