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Psychz Networks Review

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Psychz Network features hosting plans for both ends of the market - from basic shared hosting to advanced dedicated servers.  However, it unusually misses out everything in between, such as more advanced shared plans and virtual private servers.  As well as this, their website is not always entirely clear when it comes to advising you on the right product for your needs, and a very lackluster support system will mean that you probably want to look elsewhere for your hosting.

Shared Hosting

Psychz.net's shared hosting plans offer below-average features at above-average prices, and offer little in the way of features to help them stand out from the crowd. The Windows hosting plans all offer very limited specifications, particularly when it comes to storage space.  This may not be an issue on some of the cheaper plans, but when you are paying nearly $30 per month, you will probably expect some seriously versatile hosting.  Linux plans are a little better value for money, with all the usual script support, unlimited databases and the industry-leading cPanel control panel to make running your website as easy as it can be.  However, there are no features here beyond what you would expect to find anywhere, and nothing to set Psychz apart as an impressive hosting provider.

Dedicated Servers

Psychz's dedicated servers are fully managed, with remote backups and your choice of control panel.  In many respects, they are decent offerings, with powerful technology behind them and an acceptable record in reliability.  However, with only three plans to choose from, there is not much room for customization or scalability, nor is there a considerable difference in terms of specifications between each of the plans.  Overall, if you are looking for a powerful dedicated server with the option to upgrade as your hosting needs increase, you will probably be better off looking at one of the more specialized dedicated server providers or one of the bigger names on the hosting market.


Technical support is one of the most important aspects of any web hosting plan, but it is probably Psychz's worst feature.  There is no telephone support to speak of, meaning the only option for direct contact is via a ticket system.  These can be frustrating, as they do not guarantee an immediate response, so you could be waiting for some time and, if your website is down, losing business. Not only this, but the online area is weak and difficult to navigate: information is fairly thin on the ground, and the knowledgebase does not yet seem to have been fully developed.

In a market that is flooded with mediocre companies, Psychz is unable to provide anything to warrant particular attention.  Specifications, features and reliability are on the whole average at best.  And, with poor support, we see no reason to settle for second-best.  If you are looking for powerful and affordable hosting with the best technical support available, check out our Top 10.

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