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Globat offer just two shared hosting plans, focusing on affordable but high-spec hosting, and that is exactly what they deliver. Both offer unlimited capacity for most requirements you’d look for – disk space, bandwidth, email addresses and domains. This means your website can grow as much as possible, and attract as many visitors as you can rope in, without any restrictions impeding it. Both plans also come with ShopSite - the GX01 plan includes the ‘Starter’ edition, giving space for fifteen products, whilst the ‘Plus’ option with GX19 allows you up to fifty different wares - and SSLs, meaning you can sell online securely at a very reasonable cost. There’s also support for many of the biggest languages including Perl, PHP 4 and 5, and CGI. Their GX01 plan costs just $4.44 a month and comes with 50 MySQL databases, a PayPal shopping cart, integrated Google Search, a fifty-page marketing guide and $100 of marketing and advertising credit, to name a few of the perks. These various inclusions will allow you to store plenty of data from your users, receive payments online, provide quick browsing of your entire site, get you up to speed in the art of site promotion, and then use that knowledge to lure visitors with advertisements.

Upgrading to the $19.95 a month GX19 plan removes the MySQL database restriction, giving you yet another unlimited specification. These databases are used to store and retrieve data for your site, be that data web pages, comments, articles, so with this cap removed you can conceivably store as much information as you want without any trouble in recalling it. However, this is quite expensive, as shared hosting plans go, and does not really offer enough to justify its high cost.


The importance of good support is never overestimated, and so many sites fall at this final hurdle. Globat doesn’t fall, but it does stumble slightly. It offers an online ticketing system accessed through its account center, a helpful knowledgebase, and online chat facilities, but there’s no dedicated technical support phone line. It may not be a big deal, but having to go through a main switchboard does add time and occasionally frustration to many calls, especially at peak times.

Globat’s products are real contenders in the shared hosting market due to their high value for money, which few companies can match. They aren’t the most upfront with their plans though, hiding details on contract lengths, and their support system may prove suspect at times. However, they do offer great deals and their 100,000 hosted sites will no doubt have some of the heaviest wallets around. Ultimately though, unless their plans are exactly what you’re looking for, you would be better off with a provider from our Top 10.

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