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PowWeb.com is one of dozens of hosting companies that specialize in 'unlimited' shared hosting and offer a plan packed with features to encourage customers to choose them over the competition.  Unfortunately, when you look more closely, there is nothing here that you cannot see in almost every other shared hosting package in this price range.  And whilst there is nothing particularly wrong with PowWeb's service, there is nothing to distinguish it either.

When you come to design your website, you will want flexibility and reliability, so that you can develop a site that suits your needs and is able to meet the needs of your visitors or customers.  PowWeb goes some way in achieving this.  Its unlimited bandwidth will allow you to have a high volume of traffic to your site, and its unlimited RAID disc space will offer extra reliability and the freedom to expand your site over time.  There is support for the usual array of scripts, and a basic website builder for those who want an easy way to get their website up and running quickly.

Website management is done through a simple control panel, and tasks are conveniently categorized, so you can find what you are looking for.  Scripts can easily be employed, however PowWeb does not employ Fantastico as its script installer, and instead uses InstallCentral.  This is still a good tool, and offers one-click installation of everything from Wordpress to phpBB, but if you are used to using Fantastico you may have to adjust to the differences.  If you do have any problems, PowWeb has a small online help area, but more complex issues will require direct support.  When it comes to this, PowWeb is acceptable, and certainly provides all the proper options for contact, but its quality does not match up with the best in the business.

So what is missing with PowWeb?  The first thing you will notice is that its regular cost is a little above what you might expect from a basic shared hosting package.  Whilst this may only make one or two dollars difference each month, it will quickly add up over the course of a year.  And because there is not much here that you would not expect from cheaper equivalents, PowWeb does not come in at high value for money.  In fact, the features list is quite minimal compared to some of the alternatives.

PowWeb offers all the basics, and one or two extras besides, but in a competitive market it does nothing to encourage customers away from the more established hosting companies.  When you consider that it is more expensive than many of the alternatives, there are really few justifications for looking seriously at PowWeb's hosting plan.

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