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Pair Networks Review

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pair Networks offers a greener alternative to some of the more established names in web hosting, and has fifteen years of experience hosting thousands of websites across the world.  On top of this, the company offers one of the broadest range of hosting plans available, from the most basic of shared packages to high-end dedicated servers.  However, with such an impressive array of hosting plans, you would be forgiven for thinking that pair.com has chosen to focus on quantity rather than quality.

Shared Hosting

pair offers a good range of shared hosting plans, but unfortunately the more basic ones offer very limited functionality, meaning that customers with more ambitious website plans will need to upgrade.  On all plans, disk space is also very limited, so creating sites with high media content may not be possible.  And with setup fees on even the most basic of shared plans, pair is one of the least economical shared hosting options around.  With unimpressive features and specifications, it is difficult to see why anybody would want to buy shared hosting from pair.

Virtual Private Servers

On virtual private servers, pair offers a fully managed service with twenty-four-hour server monitoring, so you do not have to worry about many of the usual problems that can occur.  All server plans also offer solid features and decent specifications, giving you the option to develop your websites as you want to.  However, there is not really a great deal of difference between the plans, and with so little chance for customization, the potential for scalability is low.  This is a major flaw in a virtual private server plan, and something pair has clearly overlooked.  Further up the scale, the VPS plans also become quite expensive for what they are, and really fail to match some of the competition in terms of value-for-money.

Dedicated Servers

pair's dedicated servers range from standard server packages to some of the biggest on the market.  This is some serious hosting, and most hosting companies do not offer anything in this price range or with these specifications.  However, just as with its shared plans, Pair Networks has set its dedicated server prices above some of its more competitive rivals, as well as adding on substantial setup fees so your initial outlay is even greater.  Despite the strong technology here, you can find better value elsewhere, as well as greater versatility on your server.


For many customers, a strong support system is going to make the difference between a mediocre hosting company and a great one.  Unfortunately, however, pair does not offer a good service in this respect.  Whilst their online knowledgebase is rich in useful information, it is not laid out in the easiest manner to navigate, and its outdated look could do with a redesign.  pair does at least offer 24/7 telephone support for all your technical issues, but a lack of live chat support is definitely an oversight.

Overall, pair's offering is mixed.  With some strong dedicated servers sitting alongside overpriced shared hosting plans, pair Networks certainly isn't the web hosting company for everyone.  If you are looking for greener hosting and like the look of any of the plans here, it may be worth having a look at, but otherwise check out our Top 10 for better value hosting across every category.

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