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Servage Hosting Review

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Servage Hosting only offers one hosting plan, and at this cost you are probably not expecting much.  In some respects, you would be right not to: Servage.net certainly provides very limited features and their support system leaves a lot to be desired.  However, when you look more closely, you may well be pleasantly surprised with the hosting specifications and one or two extras that the company has thrown in to the deal.

In terms of cost, Servage's One Solution plan is middle-of-the-range amongst other basic shared hosting packages.  Customers should be aware, however, that prices on Servage Hosting's site are listed in GBP, and a conversion to USD is likely to make the plan look less attractive.  On the other hand, the free WHOIS privacy will save you a bit of money, and certainly doesn't come with every shared hosting plan on the market, as will the free domain name, which is also not offered everywhere.

Servage's performance scores are again fairly average, and the company's uptime record is not any better than the majority of web hosting companies.  Round-the-clock server monitoring will at least ensure that problems are dealt with as they arise, but again this is nothing unusual on the hosting market.  As far as functionality is concerned, Servage offers all the script and media support you would expect from a good shared hosting plan, but there is not much here in terms of more impressive design facilities.  Where Servage does make more of an impact is in its bandwidth and storage allowances, and these are certainly a lot higher than many companies are offering for a similar cost.  However, the company has one major downfall in this respect, and that is its complete lack of flexibility and scalability.  Most hosting companies offer a broad range of plans, possibly including virtual private servers and dedicated servers.  This means that if and when your hosting needs increase, you can remain with the same company and save the hassle of having to transfer.  With Servage, however, this is not possible.  The company does not even offer more advanced shared plans, so that if you find you are repeatedly over-using your bandwidth or you need to expand your storage space, you will have to move to another web host.


However, it is when it comes to support that Servage scores worst.  If you are looking for direct technical support, you will have to use email, as Servage offers no telephone contact.  For a web hosting company, this is a major oversight, as it can significantly prolong the time it takes for your problem to be dealt with, and if you are running a business, this could cost you. The online area is at least laid out well, but Servage has decided to make it a Wiki rather than a more usual knowledgebase.  This means that the content is user-supplied and can be fairly thin or of poor quality.  Overall, Servage Hosting offers a very poor support system.

So whilst Servage may offer the specifications that your website or business needs, we see no reason to settle for less than the best your money can buy.  With so many more competitive plans available elsewhere in this price range, Servage simply fails to impress.  Check out our Top 10 for some better alternatives.

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