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ResellerClub is, fairly obviously, primarily a retailer of reseller hosting. However, the company has grown well beyond its original purpose, and no longer simply limits itself to this part of the hosting market. It now also offers everything from website building software and mail hosting to domain registration and web hosting, and the company now powers over 4,000,000 domains around the world. This puts it amongst the bigger web hosting companies out there, and it sits comfortably with its most reliable and trustworthy competitors. However, the site's primary purpose is still its strongest suit, and its extension into other areas has not been entirely successful.

Shared Hosting

In terms of raw specifications, ResellerClub.com's shared hosting plans are very middle-of-the-range. What is perhaps surprising, however, is that these specifications are available at much lower prices than you might expect. Hosting plans under $2 per month are rare, and if you want the benefits of premium hosting with a cost more akin to a free plan, you could be interested in what ResellerClub has to offer. However, despite getting more bandwidth and disk space for your money than with many of the alternatives, customers of ResellerClub receive little else of interest. A choice of Linux or Windows hosting will be useful for some, and the benefits of cPanel or Plesk will be known to anyone with experience in running a website. But beyond these basics, and the standard script support and database functionality, there is nothing out of the ordinary. Other shared hosting plans offer special marketing or eCommerce features, for example, and although you may currently have no need for these, you may later find that the flexibility this gives you is something you want.


Any website owner will want to know that a solid support system backs up the technology behind their hosting. This is particularly important when it comes to providing shared hosting plans, which are likely to be used by owners of personal sites who have little previous technical experience, or small businesses without a dedicated technology expert. When it comes to technical support, then, ResellerClub again covers all of the basics. For minor queries and problems, there is a strong online support center, with knowledgebase, setup guides and even video tutorials. For more substantial problems, the company offers different options for direct technical help, including 24-hour support, with separate numbers for customers in the UK, USA and India. However, the knowledgebase sometimes lacks clarity and we would like to have seen a time guarantee on the company's ticket system. Overall, ResellerClub's support system is strong, but could certainly improve.

Whilst ResellerClub is a strong contender in many ways as a choice for shared hosting. Unfortunately, however, it under-performs when it comes to offering useful and interesting features and its rather average specifications and technical support leave us wanting more. On top of this, its lack of VPS or dedicated server options means that customers wanting to scale up will have to move elsewhere. If you are looking for something that will provide even more for your money, with flexibility and the opportunity for your website to grow, check out our Top 10.

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