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As a general rule, when it comes to web hosting, companies shouting too much about their free hosting have little else to offer.  Once their websites have grown, customers can find themselves in a situation where they either need to transfer or upgrade, and upgrading is often the easier option.  Of course, sites offering free hosting as their most basic package, often charge premium rates for mediocre packages higher up the scale, and this is certainly the case with Freeservers.comFreeservers has nothing to recommend it above the vast selection of similar hosting companies on the web, and charges far too much for its services.

There are many companies now offering free hosting, and so even this has become a very competitive area.  As with most free hosting plans, Feeservers' free plan includes ads and popups, which are unattractive and can look unprofessional.  Besides, if you want ads on your site, you may as well be earning revenue from them.  Now that there are at least some free web hosting options offering an ad-free plan, companies like Freeservers will need to rethink their offering.

Further up the scale, there is little here to warrant the high prices.  Only offering 10 GB of disc space on a plan that will cost at least $24.95 per month (and up to $42.95 per month, depending on your contract length) is very poor value for money.  And yet, many website owners will be forced to upgrade to the more expensive plans, as the more basic ones offer very limited script support.  If you want to run Wordpress, for example, you will need at least the 'Personal' plan - in contrast, some hosting companies offer Wordpress-compatible hosting for half this cost.  There is the free website builder that is provided with all plans, but this is nothing special.  In fact, an open-source tool such as Wordpress offers much more flexibility and is not much more difficult to use.

Freeservers is clearly aiming itself at the less technologically-minded end of the spectrum, as its functionality does not really support more ambitious web designers' needs.  However, considering that their customers are likely to want a high level of technical support, Freeservers' support system is below standard, only offering basic telephone support and a very limited online area.  Technical support is a key part of any hosting plan, and you will not want to make sacrifices here.

It is hard to think of a category of customers who would benefit from being hosted with Freeservers.  Their limited script support rules out the top-end website designers, whilst their poor technical support and high costs rule out those with little experience and few funds to spare.  If you just want a free web space, by all means check it out, but you will almost certainly find something more impressive elsewhere.

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