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LeaseWeb.com is based in the Netherlands and claims to be "one of the largest - and fastest growing hosts in Europe" with "30,000 hosted servers". It is aimed at the more technical end of the market, and although shared hosting packages are on offer, LeaseWeb only comes into its own with its virtual private servers and dedicated servers.  If you are after a simple hosting solution, where you need to make few decisions, do not even bother visiting their site.  However, if you are after some of the greatest customization in virtual and dedicated hosting, you may be very interested in LeaseWeb.

Shared Hosting

LeaseWeb's shared hosting plans offer many of the features you will need to get a website up and running.  However, their strict limits on disc space and bandwidth will prevent you growing a site to any large size.  When you consider that LeaseWeb's plans are at least as expensive as  that of their main competitors' it is difficult to think of reasons why this may be justified.  Whilst their high-end technology offers great performance, uptime and reliability, there are similar companies offering the same for less elsewhere.

Virtual Private Servers

When you look at LeaseWeb's virtual private servers, you realize why they are still among the top hosting companies on the web.  You can choose your virtual server from three basic packages, but beyond this all the specifications are your choice.  Not every combination of configurations is possible, but  most are, and there is much more flexibility than with most virtual private server retailers.  The standout feature of these servers is that they employ VMware technology, guaranteeing critical resources such as RAM and CPU, allowing you to enjoy many of the benefits of dedicated servers at a lower cost and without the same maintenance effort.

Dedicated Servers

Just as with its virtual private servers, LeaseWeb offers one of the most flexible and customizable set of dedicated servers anywhere.  As well as a number of preconfigured models in several categories, they offer complete customization, so you really can choose a server that suits your needs entirely.  Not only can you configure all the usual specifications such as RAM, CPU and operating system, but they also offer particular packages for fast setup, green hosting and more.  On top of this, they offer reliability, security and strong performance through their technology.  Beyond their dedicated servers, LeaseWeb offer more niche hosting options, such as private cloud virtualization.  For more information on these, you will need to speak to a sales representative, who will be able to guide you through the process of choosing the right plan for your business.


Compared to many of its competitors, LeaseWeb's technical support system is not quite up to scratch.  Whilst it is great that they offer telephone and email support, their online area is lacking in this department.  For a hosting company that demands a lot of technical knowledge of its customers, this may be understandable, but it would be worth their time investing some effort improving this part of their offering.

LeaseWeb is not for everyone.  This level of customization may be confusing if you do not know exactly what you are looking for, and the mediocre support system may put many users off.  However, if you are after strong and flexible servers, and have the technical knowledge to make all your own decisions, LeaseWeb may be worth a look.

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