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SuperGreen Hosting Review

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Green credentials seem to be the new must-have of web hosting, and many companies are now fighting to prove that their hosting is kind to the environment.  SuperGreenHosting.com goes one step further, and is entirely branded around the idea of green hosting.  On their website you can find details about their green ethics as well as their other features, and hear why they think they offer the greenest hosting available.  But with so many companies now claiming to offer environmentally friendly web hosting packages, is Super Green Hosting really different enough to justify buying from?

The basis of SuperGreenHosting.com's promise to be green is that its servers generate 20% less carbon dioxide in emissions than standard servers.  This is quite an impressive feat, but it does not go all the way.  The remainder of their emissions they aim to reverse by planting trees, and they proudly claim to plant a tree for every hundred customers who sign up.  This is certainly one way of reducing their carbon footprint, and compares favorably with a lot of hosting companies.  However, it is not the only option.  Some web hosts now only purchase renewable energy - another way to ensure that their hosting is green.  For users who want to make a real difference, you can choose to offset even more emissions once you have created your account, and can even get special green badges for your site to show everybody how green you are.  Whilst in reality Super Green Hosting's product may not be greatly different to any other green hosting package, they have made it a central theme of their service, and if you want this it could be something to consider.

As for their other features, SuperGreenHosting.com offer a very standard hosting package.  Unlimited bandwidth and disc space, along with support for all major scripts and an easy-to-use interface, all make designing and maintaining your site easy.  Everything is here that you would expect of a hosting package in this cost range, and perhaps a little more.  The range of free ad credits is certainly impressive, and there is a choice of shopping carts for those who want to run their website as an online store.  SuperGreenHosting's support package keeps up their high standards, with 24-hour telephone availability and live chat.  The online area could do with expanding, but it is probably adequate and will cover most common problems.

In most areas, SuperGreenHosting.com is a strong shared web host.  It offers nothing extraordinary, but its green credentials should win over the more environmentally conscious customers.  Perhaps the biggest weakness here is that there are no virtual private or dedicated server packages so you cannot upgrade without transferring.  However, for smaller sites with no likelihood of upgrading anytime soon, SuperGreenHosting's service is an interesting option.

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