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Revolutionary new top level domain or marketing gimmick doomed to failure?   It may be hard to tell.  WebSite.ws was set up primarily to sell domain names with the .ws ending.  Although this was originally the country code for Samoa, they believe that it now has global potential as a shortened form of 'WebSite', and are certainly trying to sell it as this.  Customers can purchase regular .ws domains for little more than a standard .com domain, or can go for a more premium name costing anything up to $50,000.  Many of those who purchase from WebSite.ws are likely to be involved with its affiliate program or will be using it as a business venture.  WebSite has therefore combined its services in one, offering a single and simple package for those who want to make the most of their new .ws domain.  You can buy hosting, website building tools and email and domain forwarding all from one place.  Unfortunately, all of these come at a great premium and offer a low standard of service.

With many web hosts offering impressive amounts of storage for free, it is hard to imagine how WebSite's customers will be pleased with the 100 MB on offer here for up to $20 per month.  An equally poor bandwidth provision gives WebSite's hosting almost incredibly poor value for money.  The premise of their premium domain names seem to be that they are easily memorable, and highly suited to becoming global brands - why then do they offer hosting that could not support such websites?  If you want to design your website but have little technical skill in this department, you may be tempted by their web design tool.  But again, this comes at an extraordinarily high price, and its limited appeal does not warrant this.  Technical support is key to any good web host, and again WebSite.ws fails here.  Although they offer phone and fax support for your urgent needs, their online area leaves a lot to be desired. 

WebSite.ws caters to a small niche in the hosting market, and its poor specifications at high costs make its hosting plans unrealistic for most potential customers.  Ultimately, WebSite.ws has not been designed to suit the hosting needs of many users, and even those who choose to buy one of its domains are unlikely to decide that its hosting plan offers good value for money. If you are after a particular domain name, and want the ease of hosting it with the same company you bought it from, you may choose to do this.  However, you can find a much better deal with much better specifications elsewhere.

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