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NetFirms Review

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Netfirms offers a small number of high-quality hosting plans from an easy-to-navigate and transparent website.  Whilst its plans may not offer the highest specifications on the market, the company has an exceptional uptime record, can boast strong performance and technology, and throws in some interesting incentives to encourage customers away from its larger rivals.

Shared Hosting

Anyone looking at Netfirms.com's PLUS plan will get a fairly negative view of what the company's shared hosting packages have to offer.  The explanation for this is simple: Netfirms wants you to upgrade to one of their other two hosting plans, and with good reason.  Whilst the PLUS plan is amongst the weaker low-cost hosting options on the market, the ADVANTAGE and BUSINESS plans stand out as quite impressive examples of affordable hosting.  Whilst they are still a little over-priced, both offer a high level of functionality and flexibility that can be difficult to come by.

Whilst Netfirms does not sit on the top of the pile when it comes to hosting specifications, it throws in some interesting extras that certainly should not be ignored.  All shared hosting plans come with free WHOIS privacy, saving you around $10 and keeping your personal details safe.  The ADVANTAGE and BUSINESS plans also come with two or five free domain names, respectively.  If you choose to use all of these, this could mean a fairly big saving.  Of course, you might rather have the money, and if so, you can certainly find cheaper hosting plans elsewhere.  However, if you are looking to buy multiple domains and WHOIS privacy anyway, Netfirms may be worth considering.

Virtual Private Servers

Compared to its shared hosting plans, Netfirms' virtual private servers are a little disappointing.  They all boast adequate specifications and some great extras, such as free advertising credits, but there is really nothing here to encourage you to choose Netfirms above the competition.  However, the major disadvantage is clear when it comes to scalability.  Netfirms only offers three VPS plans, and although you can scale up as you need, there is no flexibility when it comes to improving a particular specification, or going beyond what the three basic plans offer.  In comparison, some of the company's competitors allow you to scale between half a dozen different plans or more, or even upgrade a particular feature of your server.  Although Netfirms has proven the reliability of its technology, it needs to be more generous and user-friendly before it can stand out as a viable contender for quality VPS solutions.


Support is probably the company's main strength, and it pulls its weight on every side.  With toll-free telephone support for all customers in North America, you do not need to worry that time waiting on the phone is wasting you money.  And with comprehensive knowledgebase, video tutorials, ticket system and live chat, most problems should be dealt with without the need to ever make a call.

Netfirms.com has some winning features, and its selection of free gifts with its shared hosting plans certainly help it to make a mark.  However, with so many other companies around offering ever-more competitive sets of features and ever-more impressive technology, Netfirms has some way to go before it can really lead the field.

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