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Easily.co.uk Review

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From its name to its branding, Easily.co.uk wants to let you know that choosing the right web host does not need to be difficult. With its small number of shared and VPS plans, Easily certainly practices as it preaches, and displays its plans' features with transparency and clarity. However, when you look closely, you will find that although Easily's technology is amongst the more reliable out there, its raw specifications don't quite compete with the more generous hosts in the industry.

Shared Hosting

All of Easily's shared plans offer unlimited bandwidth alongside relatively strict disk space limits. This makes the packages most suitable for websites that anticipate high visitor traffic, but do not require much content or multimedia. For such sites, Easily's provision of specifications is perfectly adequate; however, when other plans offer unlimited disk space for a similar price, there is really very little reason to compromise. Looking at the shared plans' other features, we can see that they are equally limited. The database provision, for example, is particularly meager, and limits the overall functionality of the plans. On the plus side, customers are offered the choice between Linux and Windows operating systems, with only a minimal difference in cost. However, beyond this, there is little to recommend Easily's shared plans above the many other options out there.

Virtual Private Servers

With a 100% uptime guarantee, a choice of operating systems and full root access, Easily's virtual private servers look at first like an attractive proposition. As well as being hosted on sturdy hardware, the UK-based servers will contribute towards better performance for customers who see most of their business coming from within the UK. And, for those concerned with high performance, Easily's powerful servers offer all customers an equal share of CPU. With only two VPS plans, however, Easily doesn't offer much in the way of scalability, and customers who exceed the company's limits on disk space and bandwidth will need to take their business elsewhere. On virtual private server plans, this is a major downfall, as many companies now offer completely customizable and flexible plans that can be tailored over time. Furthermore, compared to some of these more flexible plans, Easily's virtual private servers do not offer fantastic value for money.


Easily's support is in keeping with its general mediocre performance. The online knowledgebase could certainly be more extensive, and has certainly not been arranged for usability. When it comes to direct contact, there is at least a freephone number for customers within the UK, but those calling from abroad will need to use a standard rate UK number. What is worse, anyone wanting live chat support will be disappointed as, at this moment in time, Easily does not provide this. With such hurdles in the way of immediate contact with a member of Easily's technical support staff, any downtime could be more problematic or long-lasting than you might wish.

Overall, Easily does little to truly impress, and while it ticks all the basic boxes, it offers nothing that cannot be found elsewhere. As demonstrated by its strict hard disk limits and lack of live chat support, Easily has failed to move with the latest trends in the web hosting industry, and making no signs of changing anytime soon. For the latest and best that the market has to offer, therefore, we suggest you check out our Top 10.

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