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eUK Host Review

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eUK Host offer a wide range of hosting services , from £2.49 a month shared hosting to £549 a month dedicated servers, all on high-performance Dell hardware. They are understandably proud of their kit and show their faith in it by offering an instant money-back, 99.95% uptime guarantee. This guarantee should not be seen as a way to lower the price you’ll pay for the machines by getting some of your money back; instead it as a statement of intent from the company to deliver superb service records with minimal downtime.

Shared Hosting

All eUK’s shared hosting options support the major languages - PHP 5, Perl, CGI Scripting - as well as most media applications your site may use, like Media Player, Flash, etc. For its ‘Bronze’ level package at just £2.49 a month, this alone represents decent value. Good news for eUK, as the storage and data transfer statistics are not quite as impressive- 200MB of storage and 2GB bandwidth. When you consider that high resolution graphics can easily reach sizes of a few MB, this is not really enough space for anything more than the most basic site - in fact, many free providers will offer more storage than this. All of the other four shared plans are in a similarly-disappointing vein, with the highest ‘Platinum’ option, giving just 10GB and 100GB of storage and bandwidth respectively, meaning any decent amount of traffic to your site will have you exceeding the limits on an already quite expensive plan.

Reseller Hosting

Should you want to try your hand at hosting a few domains, eUK provides the WebHostManager application allowing you to create and manage the accounts of your end-users, and the award-winning cPanel control panel for their own use. They will also provide support for your users directly and anonymously, or through you, giving you the peace of mind that your offered service will be as good as what you are receiving! However, once more the data limits are not the largest, and eUK strictly prohibit overselling, meaning that if the demand from your customers rises, you may not be able to provide them with the hosting they need. The ‘Standard’ option, at £14.99 a month, is cheap as far as Reseller plans go, because of the low data limits, so may suit users who think they can turn a profit hosting plenty of low-traffic sites, but although unlimited allowed domains and subdomains make this possible, it would have to be an exceptional case.

VPS and Dedicated Hosting

The VPS packages offered start at a very reasonable £19 a month. For this, your receive 10GB of storage and 50GB bandwidth. While the latter isn’t as much as some of the competition are offering, eUK also offer use of cPanel for just £5 per month with unlimited domains - one of the lower prices on the market. The usable RAM is 512MB, which while not industry-leading is again a fair amount. Upgrading boosts RAM to 640MB or 768MB for £29 and £39 a month respectively, and with all three there’s also an option to choose the Plesk control panel, with a range of domain options from 10 at £2 a month to unlimited for just £6. Each VPS deal includes 2 IP addresses, 24/7 monitoring by eUK staff, database support and root access.

Even more so than the rest of their plans, eUK's dedicated server packages have plenty of options.  There is a choice between Windows or Linux servers and a host of machines with ever-increasing specifications, with CPU speeds ranging from 1.8 to 2.66GHz. All machines include at least 3000GB and can be loaded with access to cPanel, DotnetPanel or Plesk.

Cloud Hosting

Unlike with VPS, eUK has just one cloud hosting package. At £33 a month it finds itself mid-range of the cloud hosting market, and for the most part its specifications agree. If you want very basic or advanced cloud hosting, try looking elsewhere, but if 30GB of storage and 500GB bandwidth suit you, this option, especially considering it’s 100% uptime guarantee and the same cheap cPanel deal as with VPS, it is worth considering.


Once the point of failure of so many companies, these days the standard of support has improved no end, to the extent that providers should not be able to get away with sub-par performance in this category. eUK’s support network is extensive and reliable; in fact, it may even take longer to choose your method of contact than it does them to sort the problem! With live chat, a host of technical staff manning the phones for international and UK users, FAQs and an online knowledgebase alongside the standard ticket procedure, eUK are one of the most accessible firms around.

With such a range of options it may be hard to tell if eUK are the provider for you. Certainly, their cloud hosting and reseller hosting, if it matches your needs, may be worth a look, while the extensive VPS catalog should have what you’re looking for. They may not be the cheapest, but with excellent support they’re worth comparing to the top hosting providers. For a look at some of these, see our Top 10 list.

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