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150m.com, otherwise known as Free Web Space inc, uses the method common to most companies that push their free web hosting, drawing in customers who will then decide to upgrade to the company's premium plans. However, customers should be aware of two points: firstly, that any company that uses its free hosting as its main means of drawing in customers cannot offer particularly impressive free hosting or these customers would never choose to upgrade! It is for this reason that much of the best free web hosting available comes not from companies who make free hosting their priority product, but from web hosts who offer it as one of many plans in their catalog. Secondly, any company that provides free hosting to so many customers is likely to direct resources towards this rather than its premium shared plans, meaning that these constitute less value for money than you might expect. 150m has both these faults, and with little to recommend any of the company's three plans, even the promise of free hosting should not be an incentive.

Free Plan

If you were thinking that our features list for 150m's free plan looks a little thin, you'd be right. The plan does not offer FTP access, has no MySQL databases and supports few of the major scripts. In fact, it is hard to imagine exactly what you might be able to do with 150m's free hosting, as the functionality is absolutely minimal. Specifications are equally limited, and are even more restrictive than they may first appear; although the company offers 1 GB bandwidth, for instance, it also puts a daily cap on bandwidth of 33 MB. This in effect means that you could potentially use a maximum of 1 GB over a month were your site traffic completely even over the period of that month. However, any website owner can tell you that visitors are rarely this regular, with spikes and falls in visitor numbers a common occurrence. To support its free plan, 150m will run banners and pop-ups on your site, creating an irritating distraction for your customers and destroying any appearance of professionalism you manage to achieve. Given that it is such a limited plan, it is surprising that 150m feels the need to run this advertising, thus giving its customers the worst of both possible scenarios.

Beginner and Business Plans

Following on from where its free plan left off, 150m's Beginner plan offers only marginally better specifications than its free counterpart and only slightly improved functionality. For real improvements, customers will need to upgrade to the company's Business plan, which at least provides unlimited bandwidth and disk space. However, anyone looking for advanced features will need to keep looking, and bonuses such as free ad credits and marketing tools are noticeably absent.


A strong support system is essential to any hosting package, but customers of 150m will receive no such help. With only the most basic online help center, and the only option for direct contact being the company's email and ticket system - apart from the limited phone provision for those on the Business plan -, you will likely be disappointed.

With nothing to recommend either its free or premium plans, 150m is not going to be an attractive hosting option for many. Those looking for free plans can find far better with some of the bigger hosting names, whilst those willing to pay for their hosting can likewise get better value for their money. To see what the competition is offering, have a look through the Top 10 web hosting companies.

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