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BlueHost Review

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If you are looking for shared hosting, BlueHost offers some of the best around.  Top specifications, a high level of flexibility and great customer service and support make BlueHost Hosting stand out above the competition.  Unfortunately, they only offer shared hosting at the moment, so if you are looking for VPS or dedicated hosting you will need to look elsewhere.  However, for most website owners, BlueHost will be perfectly adequate and even give you some of the advantages that are usually reserved for those on more expensive plans.

With only one hosting plan available, you won't need to spend long deciding which one is right for you.  You may think that this limits your choice, but in fact BlueHost is offering all the features that usually only come with the highest rate of shared hosting for a very reasonable cost, and this makes it incredible value for money.  Unlimited disc space means you can add as much content as you are ever likely to need, and unlimited bandwidth allows you to have as many visitors to your site as you or your business require.  For businesses, in particular, there are a number of useful features.  The free advertising credits mean you can experiment with your marketing campaign without incurring financial losses, and the site statistics will show you where you need to improve and how you can attract more visitors.

As far as site design goes, BlueHost Hosting gives you all the options.  Full support for the major scripts means no matter how you build your site, BlueHost will be able to host it.  If you are less technically-minded, you can make use of their free drag-and-drop website builder, which makes creating and editing a website easier than you could have imagined.  Adding interesting features to your site is also easy, with support for video, audio and image galleries, as well as options for creating forums, polls and surveys to get your visitors involved.  In fact, BlueHost have made every aspect of running your site as easy as possible.  The award-winning cPanel software gives you an overview of all the functions you can perform and lets you manage all your tasks from one place.  With the flexibility this gives you, you can tailor every aspect of your hosting to suit your own needs.

One of BlueHost's most outstanding features is probably their support system.  Unusually, they can boast average telephone waiting times of  less than thirty seconds - that's fast!  However, their online area in this department is one of their few weaknesses, proving more difficult to navigate than the support centers of some of their competitors.  Still, overall this is not enough to damage what is a first-class support system, and there is enough online information to solve the majority of your hosting problems.

BlueHost is part of the same company as HostMonster, so you can expect to get many of the same features, although they are not identical.  In many ways, BlueHost is the bigger brand, hosting more domains and having existed longer.  So, in this sense, it could be argued that it offers more reliability and is more future-proof, and arguably its bigger forums will be more likely to help you find answers to your queries.  On the other hand, it only offers 50 forwarding email accounts, compared to HostMonster's unlimited number.  In terms of cost, both have the same basic rate, but each offers different deals.  BlueHost sometimes offers more significant deals, but HostMonster appears to offer deals more often Therefore, if the small feature differences do not bother you, it may just be a case of seeing which is currently offering the most competitive rate.

Overall, BlueHost offers a great web hosting experience, with superb features, service and support.  If you are after VPS or dedicated hosting you will need to look elsewhere, but those who want shared hosting could not do much better than this.

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