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Dot5 Hosting Review

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Dot5 Hosting offers just one shared hosting plan, which is most suited to individuals and small businesses looking to make a first step in developing an online presence. Although this makes the company quite a limited prospect, and will certainly mean customers looking to upscale will need to look around, Dot5 has proven that it is at least quite good at what it does. Despite a website that could do with a re-design, Dot5's plan is certainly worth looking at, even if it is not the most economical or versatile shared plan on the market.

Shared Hosting

With just one hosting plan, Dot5 needs to work hard to impress; and, to a large degree, it makes the grade. Dot5's high performance servers provide a high level of reliability for a budget shared plan, and the 'unlimited' specifications of bandwidth and disk space give users the chance to grow their websites and reach a large number of visitors without fear of exceeding limits. Whilst 'unlimited' is not actually infinite, and the company will intervene if it considers that you are using more than your fair share of your server's resources, this does mean that you can use as much as it is possible to use on a shared plan, before you feel the need to upgrade to a virtual private or dedicated server.

The plan's functionality for website design and management is amongst the best out there, with unlimited MySQL databases and FTP accounts, and a range of options for how you build your website. Complete multimedia compatibility will also of course mean that you can really make the most of that unlimited bandwidth and disk space. Some users may be slightly disappointed by the control panel - Dot5 has opted for vDeck over the more popular and highly-regarded cPanel - , particularly those who have used cPanel in the past, but those who have not run a website before are unlikely to notice any problems.

Dot5 offers four different payment plans, depending on the length of contract you wish to purchase, and there are obviously financial incentives for making a larger commitment from the outset. Furthermore, those who take out a one-year or a two-year plan with Dot5 will receive a free domain name, which is quite a rare addition amongst plans in this price-range. On the shorter-term contracts, however, the mandatory setup fee of $30 makes Dot5 one of the more expensive providers of shared-only hosting, so the longer plans are certainly worth the investment in the long-term.


Good hosting needs a good support plan, and Dot5 doesn't fall at the final hurdle. With a highly-developed and comprehensive online help center, most customers will be able to deal with minor problems on their own. However, should they need help, the company offers all the standard range of contact options, including telephone and live chat, so you should be able to get through to someone quickly who can help you.

Offering, as it does, just one plan, Dot5 cannot afford to let anything slip. Unfortunately, small problems such as the lack of cPanel and a poorly designed website, whilst not in themselves major issues, are enough to prevent Dot5 from taking up a place amongst the best in the business. Whilst this is a strong company, it certainly isn't the best - to see which companies we think are, check out our Top 10.

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