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SquareSpace Review

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SquareSpace exists for individuals and small businesses who want to create a professional-looking and functional site, with blogs, media and membership facilities.  It charges well above the industry standard for a web hosting package with its basic specifications, but offers the chance to develop a site considerably above the level of what would be capable with most online design tools.  It is an all-in-one package for web design, hosting and business, and charges accordingly.  But it has further incentives to join, including the promise that all their power comes from renewable energy, and they offer flexible payment options to make it easier to pay for their hosting plans.

SquareSpace's basic specifications are quite unimpressive.  Even the top package only offers 5 GB of disc space and 400 GB of bandwidth, less than many other hosting companies are offering on their cheapest plan.  Paying $50 per month for a hosting plan that only offers 5 GB of storage space may seem extreme, and this is probably the case.  For those who want to design their own sites in their own way, there is also very limited script compatibility and customization.  However, this is not the purpose of SquareSpace - it has not been designed for web designers who want flexibility, but for novices who want to design impressive sites, and this it achieves.

Unless you are technically-minded, designing a site with social networking integration, interactive features, media streaming and sleek and attractive design features is almost impossible.  You will need an easy-to-use and technologically advanced design tool, and SquareSpace fulfills this need.  Just take a look at the sample sites they are profiling - these have not been designed by experts, but give the appearance of professionalism and even beauty.  If this is what you are looking for, SquareSpace may be for you.

SquareSpace unfortunately does not offer many contact options if you are after direct technical support, but it does offer a ticket system and a comprehensive online area.  However, as most of the technical work is done by them, the chances are you will not have any major technical issues.

Most people looking for shared web hosting will not have the budget to cover one of the better SquareSpace plans.  Many who do will probably want to go for virtual private servers or dedicated servers instead of spending money on design for a site that will ultimately have limited growth potential.  However, if you only need a small site with relatively few visitors, but are after high quality design, SquareSpace may be an option for you.

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