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Many businesses looking for powerful and reliable hosting solutions turn to Hosting.com to keep them online. With a vast range of hosting packages to suit any size of business, the company prides itself on professionalism, quality and performance. However, whilst it is certainly good at what it does, many users may be kept away by the sheer range of options available, and the relatively technical language in which each plan is described. And, for anyone after a simple shared plan with strong features and top specifications, there is nothing here that quite makes the grade.

Shared Hosting

If you are looking for cheap and basic shared plans for individual or small business sites, you can forget Hosting.com. Clouded in technical jargon and laden with advanced features, these plans are not for beginners. The company does not focus its efforts on its shared plans, and as such they are hidden somewhat on the company's website so that you would be forgiven for missing them entirely. However, a closer look and you will find an impressive range of shared plans for a range of different hosting solutions - the next problem is how to select the right one for you. Unlike most providers of shared hosting, Hosting.com organizes its plans into their functions and suitability, rather than their size or merely their operating system. This means that if you know you want Adobe ColdFusion hosting, you know exactly how to get it; conversely, it also means that if you are after a simple no-frills shared package, you may have trouble finding what you want!

For small businesses, Hosting's Foundation plan provides many of the basics needed to get started, and this is the plan we would advise for users without any particular features in mind. Round-the-clock expert support and a 100% uptime guarantee mean you don't need to worry that technical issues will get in the way of your business's performance. Better still, the plan is packed with e-commerce features, so customers with a retail business can really take their whole business online and reach a new customer base. However, with a mere 4 GB of disk space, you will be limited when it comes to the site itself, with media-rich content an impossibility. If this is more what you had in mind, you might want to look at the company's Builder and Builder+ plans, though compared to some of the other plans available, they do not offer fantastic value for money.

Dedicated Servers and Cloud Hosting

When it comes to its more high-end products, Hosting gives little away on its website, and asks that you 'call for a quote'. Having done this, the company will guide you through the decision-making process, interpreting your business's needs and developing the perfect hosting solution for you. Whilst it is clear that the company can boast some extremely powerful technology, this lack of transparency about pricing and specifications may prove frustrating for many customers. And with little to distinguish the company's dedicated and cloud plans from those of their rivals, it seems Hosting.com has missed a trick.


Hosting.com's support team is one of the best in the business. With highly-trained technical support staff and the promise of rapid response times, Hosting has built a support system designed to cope effectively with the pressures of sustaining the quality that businesses require. The full range of contact options, available twenty-four hours a day, guarantees that you will always be able to get in contact with an able member of staff.

For businesses looking for high-performance servers and hosting solutions, Hosting.com could well provide the answer they've been looking for. However, despite what its name may suggest, Hosting.com is not the only name in the web hosting world, nor is it necessarily the best. To have a look at some of Hosting's stronger competitors, check out our Top 10 for the definitive list of the best hosting companies around.

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