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WebHostingHub.com is another well-performing hosting company, offering top specifications, a standard set of features and a strong support system.  However, in a market with hundreds of web hosting companies offering ever more competitive services, it fails to outperform the big names in the business.

'Unlimited' is a word you will see everywhere as soon as you start to look for shared hosting.  But what once was a sign of a top web host, is increasingly becoming the norm.  In reality, however, no shared hosting plan is unlimited, as you must share resources with other users, and so you need to look at the technology itself to judge what sort of performance you are likely to get from a website.  Web Hosting Hub's performance is strong, but it certainly is not industry-leading and you are likely to find even more robust technology elsewhere. 

Some of the budget hosting options dispense with cPanel and go for a less popular control panel, but this is not the case with Web Hosting Hub.  This will make it easy to manage your website and install a number of scripts, so you can develop your website in a way that suits you.  There is a good use of ecommerce features, and easy PayPal integration, with your choice of three shopping carts.  However, beyond this, WebHostingHub.com really does not provide any extra features above the minimum you would expect from a host using cPanel.  For those running simple blogs or websites, this is fine, but if you are a little more ambitious or are after top marketing tools, you may find that it does not quite deliver.

One of Web Hosting Hub's stronger areas is its technical support.  With four options for direct contact twenty-four hours a day, you can be sure that you will always be able to speak to a helpful member of staff.  Their online area, whilst not huge, is also useful, with video tutorials and basic step-by-step guides to using and getting the most out of the various features of your hosting.  More complex issues are unlikely to be solved here, but this is why the direct support is such a great asset.

If you are taking out a new web hosting contract, you could do worse than take out a plan with Web Hosting Hub.  However, there are still better options out there, and by carefully considering what you want, you will be able to find a package that is much more tailored to your needs.  And certainly, if you are already with a competent host, Web Hosting Hub offers no genuine incentives to switch.

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