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HostPapa.com offers feature-rich green hosting at an affordable cost.  It only has one plan, but it packs in a good number of features alongside unlimited bandwidth and disc space.  However, with so many other web hosting companies now offering a very similar service, HostPapa struggles to stand out from the crowd.

A large number of web hosting companies now claim to offer green web hosting, but this can mean different things, and you should always look at their claims in more detail if you are serious about wanting green hosting.  At HostPapa, it means that they use 100% renewable energy, from wind, solar and other sources, so your hosting has a minimal impact on the environment, and helps to fund producers of green energy.  HostPapa are very proud of their green credentials, and it is impressive that they can boast these whilst keeping their pricing competitive.

In terms of their hosting, HostPapa provides a good quality service, but one which does not particularly excel in any area.  Unlimited disc space and bandwidth are useful, but can be found in many cheap hosting plans.  HostPapa's script support is strong, and their allowance of 100 MySQL databases is better than some, but again there are no design features to justify choosing them above any other good shared hosting provider.  When it comes to marketing tools, however, HostPapa provides a greater array of free ad credits than many companies, and their ecommerce functionality is impressive.

One of HostPapa's weaknesses, and a weakness with many similar hosting companies, is that it only offers one plan.  Although this plan offers 'unlimited' specifications, it will only realistically host sites for small, and at the most, medium-sized businesses.  Once your site expands beyond this, and attracts large volumes of traffic, you will need to transfer to a host offering virtual private servers or even dedicated servers.  Whilst this will only be an issue if you ever need to upgrade, it is worth considering, as choosing another hosting company and transferring your hosting will take time.

Customer support is absolutely vital with any web hosting package, and although HostPapa have very acceptable uptime, you are still likely to run into difficulties at some point or have questions that need answering.  Unfortunately, HostPapa's technical support system is not up to the standard you find elsewhere in the company.  Although they offer three options for direct contact, they can be hard to reach and their online help area is quite limited in terms of content.  When you need accurate and useful information as quickly as possible, this could be a problem.

HostPapa is like many hosting companies that offer shared hosting for small-website owners, and throw in as many incentives as possible.  Unfortunately, where it matters, HostPapa just does not provide the quality of service that would earn it a place in our Top 10.

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