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000 Web Host Review

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If you are wondering what the three zeros at the beginning of the name represents, 000WebHost.com offers web hosting for exactly $0.00.  If you have any experience with companies offering free web hosting, you may have become suspicious of anything claiming to be completely free.  These sites need to earn money somehow, after all, and although you may have no initial fees to pay, you may soon find yourself paying to have ads removed, or have your specifications upgraded.  Almost incredibly, this is not the case with 000WebHost.  Although they do offer a premium service, which you can upgrade to at any time, their free plan really is free, and offers fairly complete functionality.  As far as free web hosting goes, this is one of the best plans around.

For a free web host, 000WebHost offer an impressive selection of features.  As well as boasting solid performance and a guaranteed 99% uptime (though this is normally more like 99.9%), they provide 1500 MB of disc space and 100 GB of monthly bandwidth, all for nothing.  For website design, you have a satisfactory web design tool, and you can even create email accounts for your website.  But best of all, and almost unique amongst free web hosts with these sorts of specifications, they will not clutter your site with advertising.

With features like these, you may be wondering why you would ever want to upgrade.  Of course, there are large incentives - otherwise 000WebHost would not make any money at all.  The free package does not allow you to use CGI scripts, for example, and doesn't support Perl, Python or Ruby on Rails.  An upgrade costing less than $5 per month allows you to do all this, and also takes the limits off your bandwidth and storage allowances, so you can grow your site as much as you like.  While there are certainly more impressive premium hosting plans out there, this really does offer a lot for the cost.

When it comes to choosing a web hosting company, few things are more important than technical support.  Predictably, 000WebHost's free plan only offers web-based support.  However, there is a strong forum and FAQ section, which should answer most of your basic problems.  If you do decide to upgrade, you will have access to phone and live chat support, so that you can discuss any difficulties with a member of the company's support staff, and they even give you help with installing scripts and other tasks.

You would generally be right to be suspicious of 'free' web hosting that entices you in before introducing you to premium products.  However, in this case, you may well find no need to upgrade, and probably will not object to the cost if you do decide to.  Certainly, the free plan is limited, but it is fully functional and a great starter if you want to create a website on a budget.  If you have a large website in mind, or want the best premium features available, you might be better off looking elsewhere.  However, if you want free hosting with the possibility of upgrading later, checking out 000WebHost is a must.

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