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HostGator has a big internet presence, and currently hosts over 2,500,000 domains.  This makes it a reliable bet when it comes to choosing a web host, and shows you that it has a good track record.  When you look at what HostGator is offering, it is easy to see why its web hosting service is one of the ten most popular in the world.  Its shared plans are packed with impressive features and come with unlimited space and bandwidth as standard.  Its VPS hosting and dedicated servers offer great value for money, a high level of choice and flexibility and have a proven track record of performance and uptime.  And its reseller hosting is one of the most competitive plans of its kind around.  Whatever type of hosting you are looking for, HostGator covers it.  HostGator.com is also one of a number of web hosts now offering 'green' hosting as standard, so you don't need to worry that your hosting is having an impact on the planet!

Shared Hosting

HostGator don't call their shared hosting 'unlimited' for nothing!  Even on the most basic plan here, disc space and bandwidth is entirely unlimited, so your website can grow as big as you like, and you can attract as many visitors as possible without worrying about the impact this may have.  In fact, you could say that nearly everything they offer is unlimited - and this is a rare thing in the world of shared hosting.  Further up the scale, the Baby and Business plans offer to host unlimited domains and provide further incentives for upgrading.  As you would expect with shared hosting of this standard, all the major scripts are supported, so you can design your website in a way that suits you, and they have even thrown in an easy-to-use website builder for tech novices.    Another standout feature is the instant backup, allowing you to download a complete backup of your account and settings just in case the worst should happen.  So what are the weaknesses?  Well, if you are looking for specialist business tools, you may want to look elsewhere, and the site builder is not the most advanced we have seen.  However, for most personal and small business websites, HostGator offers all the tools you are ever likely to need.

VPS Hosting

Selecting your virtual private server package is easy, and HostGator have made a good effort to be transparent and clear about exactly which service you will receive.  On a sliding bar, you choose your specifications, with nine different levels available.  Further down the page, you can choose the number of IP addresses you would like, what control panel software you want to use and whether you need to register a new domain name.  At this point, HostGator will give you an instant quote, so you can change things if this is a little more than what you were hoping for!  However, compared to the competition, HostGator's VPS hosting is a very reasonable rate, and the high level of flexibility is something to be applauded.  If you go for the cPanel control panel at just $10/month, you get fully managed hosting at one of the best rates around.  Not only this, but their track record for performance and uptime is one of the best around, so you won't need to worry about damaging downtime or sluggish performance.

Dedicated Servers

Just as with their other plans, HostGator's dedicated server packages give you a lot of room for choice.  You decide whether you would like a Windows or Linux server and then you can pick between four different sets of specifications.  All offer everything you would expect and come at the same good value for money as the VPS hosting plans.  You automatically get access to cPanel, with all the benefits this brings, and have the highest level of control and access.

HostGator's support is strong at all levels, with all the usual methods for contacting their staff including live chat.  The online support center is comprehensive and easy-to-navigate, with help for most standard queries.  Overall, HostGator offers very strong hosting plans in every category.  There are a few minor features missing in some of the more basic plans, and their shared hosting is a little more expensive than some of their competitors.  However, HostGator is a persuasive name in web hosting and is definitely worth checking out.

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