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Easyspace Review

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Easyspace.com offers everything from basic shared hosting to medium-end dedicated servers, and everything in-between. Boasting a comprehensive support system and hosting plans tailored to the needs of its customers, the company has made user-friendliness a central part of its service. However, because it is unable to offer these features alongside the specifications that users have come to expect, and maintains its higher-than-average prices, Easyspace fails to make it as a truly impressive web host.

Shared Hosting

Unsurprisingly, given its name, the company's Pic'n'Mix plan - starting at just £2.25 a month - allows you to choose which specifications to prioritize, and lets you drag-and-drop a slider to pick your disk space, email accounts and database provision. In principle, the plan is a clever one, but with this customization it becomes prohibitively expensive. A relatively minimal setting of 50 email accounts, 20 GB disk space and 1 database, for instance, will put monthly costs up to £10, more than the majority of shared plans on the internet; further increases can take it above £20, whilst still being within fairly tight limits.

Easyspace's other shared plans, though somewhat better, still return very poor value for money. Although they all boast unlimited bandwidth, so in theory you do not need to worry about your website's traffic volumes, the extremely harsh disk space caps mean that developing even a medium-sized high-multimedia site is out of the question. And when you convert the prices into USD, they look even less impressive next to their North-American rivals.

Virtual Private Servers

Just as with its shared hosting, the company's provision of VPS packages begins with its customizable Starter plan. However, again, the luxury of customization will cost you more than you might think is justifiable. On its other plans, Easyspace offers rather better value for money, with the Standard Cloud being comparable to many competitor products. However, this is still well behind some of the market leaders, and with few special features to persuade you away from the bigger names in the business, there really isn't any particular reason to choose Easyspace's virtual private servers.

Dedicated Servers

Easyspace's dedicated servers, in comparison, offer some strong hosting potential and can claim some impressive specifications. The company's top plan, Pro, offers an incredible 2 TB of RAID storage for a penny shy of £140 a month, which is certainly beneath what you might pay elsewhere. However, for those who prioritize performance, Easyspace's plans look less impressive. Considering this is its top plan, 4 GB of RAM and a Quad Core 3 GHz processor is certainly not exceptional. High-end users, it seems, will have to look elsewhere.


Good technical support is essential for any hosting company, and yet is often the point at which they fall down. Unfortunately for Easyspace, the opposite is true. The company's comprehensive support package, combining a range of contact options with a strong and easy-to-navigate online help center, outshines its actual hosting! And whilst a quality support system is certainly to be applauded, it does not in and of itself justify choosing this company over the many other viable alternatives.

Overall, Easyspace fails to make the grade when it comes to a number of its features. Although the company has made good efforts to prioritize its support system, it fails to maintain this quality in its hosting plans. And despite an admirable attempt to bring customization and flexibility to all its plans, its unusually high pricing makes such choice superfluous and costly. If you want the best of Easyspace without these weaknesses, check out our Top 10.

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