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When it comes to quality shared hosting, HostMonster pulls out all the stops.  For a very reasonable cost, you can receive optimum hosting specifications, with flexibility and great support.  HostMonster only has one hosting plan, and so they have no reason to encourage you to upgrade by holding back on features.  This means that if you are looking to create a personal website or a website for a small business, you really will find everything you are ever likely to need.  Of course, on the flip side, if you are looking for VPS or dedicated hosting, you will need to go elsewhere.  HostMonster will not be the best hosting solution for everyone, but those who want decent shared hosting cannot go far wrong with it.

With HostMonster.com, you have access to many of the features that are usually only available to those on VPS and dedicated hosting plans without the high costs or the extra effort of maintaining one of these accounts.  A high level of access, and support for most of the major scripts gives you the flexibility you will need for a growing business or personal site and the cPanel software gives you the best control available.  The allowance of unlimited hosted websites and unlimited parked domains is certainly impressive for a shared hosting plan, and will let you expand as you need to.  And, of course, unlimited bandwidth and disc space let your website grow as quickly as you want it to, and ensure that you will not suffer from surges in visitor numbers.

Designing a website can be complicated, and so HostMonster have tried to make your life as easy as possible.  If you are technically-minded, you should experience no problems using your preferred script.  However, if you are less ambitious or have no previous experience with website design, their drag-and-drop design tool will do most of the hard work for you.  You can personalize your site as much as you like, with all the standard multimedia options as well as forums and interactive features to keep your visitors returning again and again.

When it comes to choosing a hosting company, nothing is more important than technical support.  At HostMonster.com, this is of the highest standard and comes in a variety of forms.  For your common queries, the online Help Center should cover most issues, with a searchable knowledgebase, video tutorials and useful user forums.  Or if you have a more pressing or difficult problem, you can call them toll-free or make use of the live chat feature.  If the company has anything to improve on in this department, it is that the online area could be a little easier to navigate, but this is only a minor complaint.  Overall, HostMonster's support is some of the best in the business.

HostMonster is part of the same company as BlueHost, so you can expect to get many of the same features, although they are not identical.  In many ways, BlueHost is the bigger brand, hosting more domains and having existed longer.  So, in this sense, it could be argued that it offers more reliability and is more future-proof., and arguably its bigger forums will be more likely to help you find answers to your queries.  On the other hand, it only offers 50 forwarding email accounts, compared to HostMonster's unlimited number.  In terms of cost, both are the same basic rate, but each offers different deals.  BlueHost sometimes offer more significant deals, but HostMonster appears to be more frequently reduced - if the small feature differences do not bother you, it may just be a case  of seeing which is currently offering the most competitive rate.

At HostMonster, you really do get value for money.  Their cost is middle-of-the-range in terms of shared hosting plans, and yet its features come out on top in nearly every department.  They have even thrown in free Whois domain privacy, which elsewhere can cost several dollars, and their domain registration is cheaper than that of  many of their competitors.  Unfortunately, HostMonster's main weakness is that it does not provide a variety of packages for different users, in the same way that InMotion Hosting does, for example.  If you need VPS or dedicated hosting, check out some of the other products in our Top 10.  However, if you are looking for reliability and value in a shared hosting plan, you need look no further.

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